Standing Committee Meeting Report PASSCAL

September 2005

Action Items from PASSCAL Standing Committee Meeting

Scripps Institution of Oceanography
September 27-28, 2005


Minutes recorded by Matt Fouch

Attending committee members:

David James (DJ), John Hole (JH), Matt Fouch (MF), Stepháne Rondenay (SR), Camelia Knapp (CK), Bill Stephenson (BS), John Collins (JC), Bill Walter (BW)

Absent member:

Colin Zelt (collecting data in Utah)

Other attendees:

David Simpson (DS), Rick Aster (RA), Shane Ingate (SI), Marcos Alvarez (MA), Bruce Beaudoin (BB), Bob Busby (RB), Jim Fowler (JF), Frank Vernon (FV)


Action Item:

If IRIS is not satisfied that appropriate conditions and assurances have been met for the return of both data and instruments, then PASSCAL may elect not to support the experiment.

Action Item:

Modify PASSCAL Instrument Use Policy to request permission from PIs to allow DMC/UW to pick seismic arrival times on archived data at the DMC.  Provide documentation stating that picks are used for quality control and to augment International Seismological Centre (ISC) data.

Action Item:

PASSCAL strongly encourages PIs to allow data picking from PASSCAL-supported experiments.

Action Item:

Committee recommends that USArray FA should continue to purchase spread-spectrum radios, cell modems, etc. for data telemetry until such time as VSAT or other options become a more viable option for routine telemetering operations.

Action Item:

PSC endorses the pursuit of an MRI proposal for Antarctic facilities development.

Action Item:

PSC will form working group to examine active source data processing efforts.

Action Item:

PSC will form working group to examine wait time for PASSCAL broadband instruments.

Action Item:

Jim and Bruce will reword Instrument Use Policy and User’s Guide to reiterate expectations that PI will personally see equipment shipped back to PIC following all deployments.