Standing Committee Meeting Report PASSCAL

March 2003

PASSCAL Standing Committee Meeting

Revelle Conference Room
IGPP, U.C. San Diego, March 10, 2003

PSC Members Present: David James (Chair), John Collins(Minutes), Joan Gomberg, John Hole, John Louie, Steve Roecker, Anne Sheehan, Bill Walter, and Colin Zelt

Others Present: Marcos Alvarez, Rick Aster, Jim Fowler, Steve Harder, Shane Ingate Gary Pavlis, David Simpson, and Frank Vernon

Minutes of October 2002 PSC meeting approved unanimously.

Travel Policy Update

Medical Evacuation Insurance and/or Hostage Insurance are not available through New Mexico Tech. However, Medical Evacuation Insurance is available through the travel account used by IRIS. Future PIC travel will be booked through this account

New Policies

Reworked “instrument use” policy last year. This new “Instrument Use Agreement” policy is designed to be more specific about responsibilities of the PI and PASSCAL

Experiment Delay Policy
This policy is drafted to help answer the question of how to handle experiments that can not go to the field at the time they are scheduled.

J. Louie moved to adopt the three modified policies, i.e. “Policy for the use of PASSCAL Instruments”, (2) “Instrument Use Agreement” and ‘P.I. Acknowledgement”, and (3) “Experiment Delay Policy”.
B. Walter seconded the motion.
Motion was passed unanimously.

Recycling Old Data Loggers (Jim Fowler)

Old DAS are being replaced with Q330s and R130s. Soon, we will stop buying parts for old units. We will cannibalize parts from some to keep some older units functioning. Eventually should have ~100 DAS to give away. What policies will we follow to dispose of the instruments?

A policy needs to be developed over the next few months.

PASSCAL NSF Budget 7/1/03-6/30/04

The redesign of the Texans should be moved to the regular budget.

J. Louie described two new software packages for refraction analysis. This software is sold by a company called Optim formed by former U. Nevada graduate students. Would like PSC to consider purchasing a license ($2K-$8K).

D. James recommended delaying decision on the new software until after committee members have a chance to study the package.

Sensor Development

J. Fowler commented that some existing development projects are not in need of the modest amounts of funding. However, we should consider investing some money, at the $50K-$75K level, in testing and development of micro-machined accelerometers.

D. James suggested adding this sensor development project to the base budget.
J. Hole moved to add $50-$75K to PASSCAL base budget.
J. Louie seconded the motion.
Motion was carried unanimously.

J. Gomberg moved to accept revised PASSCAL NSF FY-03 budget.
A. Sheehan seconded the motion, and the motion was accepted unanimously.

DOE Budget

J. Fowler recommended purchase of 140 Reftek R-130s and 15 Quanterra Q330 and Packet Balers.

J. Louie moved to adopt 2 years of DOE budget
S. Roecker seconded the motion.
Motion carried unanimously.

PASSCAL USArray Budget

J. Collins moved to accept budget “PASSCAL Component of USARRAY, Year 1 as outlined in the proposal”
S. Roecker seconded the motion.
Motion passed unanimously.

2003 Annual meeting at Tenaya Lodge, Yosemite, CA

J. Fowler and F. Vernon should put together a poster on satellite telemetry issues relevant to USArray. Jim and Frank agreed.
J. Louie and D. James agreed to run a break-out group devoted to Site Characterization.

Meeting adjourned at 11:55 AM.