Standing Committee Meeting Report PASSCAL

March 2002

Action Items from PASSCAL Standing Committee Meeting

San Diego, CA
March 11, 2002

Members present: G. Abers, J. Collins, D. James, R. Johnson(chair),  J. Louie, K. Marfurt, S. Roecker,  and A. Sheehan

Past Members: Lerner-Lam, D. Okaya, and T. Owens.

Others: M. Alvarez, S. Harder, F. Vernon, R. Butler, G. Ekstrom, S. Ingate, D. Simpson, and J. Fowler


Action Item: Submit instrument test procedures to the Instrument Committee and post on the web.

Action Item:  Develop better way to track sensor calibrations and a clear policy guide for field calibrations.

Action Item: Pursue a meeting with interested individuals from NEES to look at areas of cooperation.

Action Item: Each subawardee should provide a prioritized list of tasks and objectives for the next 12 month funding cycle before the budgets are presented to COCOM.

Action Item: Modify the proposed PASSCAL travel budget to allow for emergency field  travel.