Standing Committee Meeting Report PASSCAL

October 2001

Action Items PASSCAL Standing Committee Meeting

PASSCAL Instrument Center, Socorro, NM
October 8–9, 2001

G. Abers, J. Gomberg (new), R. Johnson (chair), A. Lerner-Lam, J. Louie, K. Marfurt, D. Okaya, T. Owens, S. Roecker
Others: M. Alvarez, R. Aster, S. Harder , S. Ingate, D. Simpson, H. Tobin, F. Vernon, J. Fowler

Action Item:
Ask the Instrument Center to provide evaluation test procedures for the new prototype instruments to Instrumentation Committee,
and ask Instrumentation Committee to review these procedures.

Action Item:
Jim Fowler will bring and update planning already done for USArray management for next PSC meeting. Also, discuss flexible array.

The updated Instrument Use Policy (link to this on will be provided) should go to EXECOM for approval.

Proceed with proposed Instrument Use Agreement (link to this on will be provided).

PASSCAL will pay the $5K/yr for educational keys for the Seismic Processing Workshop (SPW) software by Parallel Geosciences
and will make E&O committee aware of potential opportunities for expansion to Affiliates.

Committee endorses Fowler's approach to discuss liability questions with NSF and investigate insurance options for
Instrument Center personnel when on travel. Presently, PIC personnel are under no pressure to travel if they feel unsafe,
and this policy will continue.

Action Item:
There is an apparent drop in the number of broadband experiments. Count numbers of PI's using instruments per year. Is number decreasing?

PASSCAL has been more reactiove than proactive in earthquake (RAMP) response.  Given ANSS planning, this is a goot time to explore
coordination with USGS.  David Simpson should begin discussions on IRIS's role in ANSS RAMP-type deployments.