Standing Committee Meeting Report Ocean Bottom Seismometer Instrument Pool

September 2017

OBSIP Oversight Committee Meeting

September 20, 2017

Portland, Maine

Action Items:

  1. Barclay: Address the sensor clipping issue, document how the gain on the sensor was set during past experiments, and develop a plan, with the Pis, to match dynamic range of the data logger for the Alaska community experiment.
  2. Oversight Committee: Send a request to PIs of PILAB and Antilles non-OBSIP experiments to publish the data to the DMC or an FDSN compatible data center that honors their data redistribution restrictions. Note the large value to the community of their datasets and request immediate publication of metadata.
  3. Oversight Committee: Draft a letter to affected PIs of 6 incomplete SIO datasets. Explain the wrap-up of OBSIP, the issue of their specific experiment data archive, and request a copy of their data in any format. Prioritize the handling of long-term deployments COLZA and EPR-9N.
  4. Aderhold: Remove one of the horizontal components of the SEGMENT station 110B so the problem is more visible to data users.
  5. Aderhold: Send a letter to each experiment PI + IIC to ask them to review the draft MDA folder. The IICs or PIs can provide additional comments or other errata or material that can be included in the folder that will be later uploaded to the MDA via the DMC.
  6. IICs/OMO: Document the procedure used for handling leap seconds for each IIC. If there were multiple methods, indicate which were applied to each experiment. OMO will include this information on the OBSIP website.
  7. Aderhold: Gather all information collected about the 6 Hz noise issue and the Cascadia Initiative clipping issue into a reference folder and publish to the OBSIP website.
  8. Aderhold: Confirm that there is sufficient station location accuracy preserved in the metadata at the DMC archive to handle all OBS and node situations.


  1. IRIS should continue efforts to promote uniform policies and procedures for implementing standard data formats. NSF should request the OBSIC follow-on to engage on this effort with IRIS.
  2. IRIS should maintain the archival legacy OBSIP website for as long as possible and deliver it to the OBSIC successor if requested.
  3. The committee endorses the plan to create metadata folders for each OBSIP experiment as a means for capturing experiment-related information of data issues and recommends that the OMO set this structure up (see action items).
  4. The committee endorses the spending plan for the no cost extension / transition period that was presented by OBSIP and recommends that this plan be provided to NSF.