Standing Committee Meeting Report Ocean Bottom Seismometer Instrument Pool

March 2016

OBSIP Oversight Committee Meeting

March 14-15, 2016

Boulder, Colorado

Action Items:

  1. Oversight Committee: We will work to complete the functional specifications document within the next three weeks. We will incorporate input from previous meetings, the OBS workshop, and discussion at this meeting. We will add more information on scientific justification for the specifications.
  2. OMO: OBSIP organized online meeting after the Dear Colleague letter goes out about a possible complementary OBS component to provide additional guidance and enhance community building.
  3. OMO: Organize another AGU SIG for this year, shift focus to keep it fresh. Strategize on other opportunities for international networking.


  1. The OC unanimously approves the $98K request from SIO for costs associated with replacing ten T40’s on OBSIP OBS with ten T240’s available through IRIS from USArray/TA.
  2. The OC recommends that a proposal be written to the NSF OCE Instrumentation Program for an OBSIP calibration experiment/deployment. 
  3. The OC recommends OMO and IICs continue to work together to develop a plan towards standardization and efficiencies to be incorporated into the February OBSIP renewal proposal and instrumentation proposals as needed.