Standing Committee Meeting Report Ocean Bottom Seismometer Instrument Pool

October 2015

OBSIP Oversight Committee Meeting

October 7, 2015

Vancouver, Washington

Action Items:

  1. Round up reports and information about 6 Hz noise issue and do an initial investigation on ENAM (then expand to other experiments), and broadcast the results of that to the user community. (OMO/Aderhold)
  2. Inform PIs of data upload changes at the DMC related to their projects, as well as provide information on how to sign up for the IRIS DMC metadata change/upload alert service. In addition, add a list of the changes to the data (data upload verification items) to the website and keep updated. (OMO/Aderhold)
  3. Creating protocol for field data, quarantined data, etc. and making that visible to the community. (OMO/Aderhold)
  4. Make sure that horizontal orientation results are broadcast to the community, as well as any other significant website additions. Utilize IRIS MDA. (OMO/Aderhold)
  5. Check with PASSCAL on what data quality items they check and incorporate them.  (OMO/Aderhold)
  6. Proposal writing over next month. (OMO/OC/IICs)
  7. Write narrative of the instrumentation specifications and capabilities that were defined by the community. Capture what we have at this point and update as needed. (Oversight Committee)


  1. OBSIP Policy statement – OMO shall be engaged in the experiment planning and produce a Science Support Plan when a confirmed experiment impacts NSF resources and scheduling, and if not, OMO shall be kept informed of commitments (when/where/how many) of the instruments that will be utilized.