Standing Committee Meeting Report Ocean Bottom Seismometer Instrument Pool

March 2015

OBSIP Oversight Committee Meeting

March 8-9, 2015

La Jolla, California

Action Items:

  1. Populate the OBSIPtec list with some ‘FAQ’ to get the ball rolling. (OMO)
  2. Update the implementation schedule in the Quality Plan. (Management Council)
  3. Develop common template for budget, run by JH, then provide in advance for the upcoming budget cycle. Critical that this is done well in advance of budget submission. (Management Council)
  4. Provide formal response to OMO review with OC endorsement to NSF. (Evers)
  5. Draft a letter to NSF stating the Langseth has high value to the OBS community and alternative options.  Provide to OC, OMO, IIC's. (Tolstoy/Van Avendonk)
  6. First conference call on functional specifications: 4-6 weeks from now. (OMO)
    • For OC part: start with the type of science, functional goals. (Kohler/Van Avendonk)
    • For IIC part: start with the Inventory of current capability of instruments. (Collins)
  7. Quality Plan timeline should be updated so there are 6 month milestones incorporated to be presented at OC Meetings. (Management Council)