Standing Committee Meeting Report Instrumentation Services

October 2017

October 12, 2017, Golden, CO

Action Items

  • Determine Simpson Fund proposal rankings using notes sent to all of ISSC.
  • Finalize ISSC membership recommendations for DGWG
  • IS Team will create a list of prototype instruments for testing, targeting use of test and evaluation fund.
  • IS Team will develop workshop vision for 2018 Seismic Instrumentation Technology Symposium focused on next-generation portable instruments.
  • IS should propose to use positive variance under IS Coordinated Activities to reimburse PASSCAL program for its share of wavefield demonstration node purchase.

Short Meeting Summary

Following the in-person GSNSC and PASC meetings, IS-staff and ISSC committee members that were already present in Golden, CO met for half a day and included other committee members available via webmeeting. The committee was provided with updates on IS programs and initiatives since the Spring 2017 meeting. Response to these updates focused on the future of programs beyond the SAGE-award, particularly regarding technological developments and lessons learned during SAGE. For new business, the committee weighed two proposals to use Simpson Fund support that were referred to the ISSC by the IRIS BoD for ranking. Votes on these proposals followed an NSF panel review process and were finalized over email with committee members who were absent. The committee weighed the potential future of “data bricks”, a method to access Tb-scale large datasets through a defined data volume that is either on hardware or cloud based. The ISSC, representing several kinds of large dataset producers, articulated its interest in this product to the DSSC and is waiting for feedback. The ISSC discussed working group charges, tasking, and membership changes to the DGWG, PH5WG, and QAAC. Finally, the ISSC tasked IS staff with creating a list of proposed uses of IRIS program carryover that would emphasize testing and sharing community and vendor knowledge of new instrumentation.