Standing Committee Meeting Report Instrumentation Services

April 2016

April 5-6, 2016, Washington University Knight Center, St. Louis, MO

Action Items

  1. Bob, Kent, and Andy to work on three-pager on MT submitted by EMAC (emphasis on implementation of land-based MT pool implementation). 
  2. Approve QAAC charge with minor modifications. Develop list of suggested members that Doug and Bob finalize with DS (Tim Ahern and Jim Gaherty).
  3. Approve PH5 charge with minor modifications (Kent Anderson recorded the edits).
  4. Develop impact statement and budget analysis for IS Mgmt budget shortfall to demonstrate impact of flat funding and program cuts.

Short Meeting Summary

Q&A From Previous Call – Reviewed topics from pre-meeting call: successful repairs to solid state switch on AK-TA batteries and added battery pouches to keep system dry, adjustable TA telemetry working. Disseminating TA lessons learned is a general need.

Sustainability Analysis – Discussed new analysis of pan-IS instrument valuations, and projected lifespan and recapitalization needed to sustain facility or meet future needs. Group explored implication of recapitalization needs on IRIS and PI operations and NGEO. Report will go to the IRIS BoD to inform recapitalization discussions.

Large N / Wavefields Demo Experiment – Four-week deployment (350 3C Nodes, 10 Infrasound, 20 BB) planned in Oklahoma, this summer, paired with a BB deployment by Katie Keranen. Experiment designed to provide community exposure to equipment and methods. Some nodes being loaned from community PIs with costs reimbursed. All data except KK’s stations will be available immediately through IRIS DMC.

Alaska Amphibious Deployment – Community experiment proposal due in summer. IICs prepared to deploy in 2017, possibly proposing/conducting a calibration experiment to characterize better the fleet. Experiment may use most/all of OBSIP and incur costs modifying instruments. TA sites will remain through at least one full deployment offshore deployment. Land and/or marine MT are also desired.

CEUSN – USGS working to secure O&M funds for CEUSN in FY18. It is important to continue supporting the value of CEUSN within the community and with Congress.


  • QAAC – Approved QAAC charge; IS & DS management will work on finalizing membership.
  • PH5 working group – Approved charge for PH5 working group to evaluate and approve functional version of format.
  • miniSEED & StationXML initiatives – IRIS collecting community feedback for new miniSEED standards, header information, and using StationXML for metadata,.
  • Polar – Discussed committee membership turnover and station plans. Current Greenland and Antarctica sites may be desired for long-term, GSN-style operation, but must demonstrate science need and fulfill key criteria. Efficiencies may be found in collaboration with UNAVCO, adding other sensors. GLISN (renewal) and GeoICE (procurement) awards updated.

IS Management & IS Coordinated Activities budgets – Continued budget pinch under SAGE effectively zeroes travel budget for ISSC and IS Mgmt during Year 4. Group considers options to address this shortfall.