Standing Committee Meeting Report Instrumentation Services

October 2014

Action items from Instrumentation Services Standing Committee

Fall 2014 Meeting - St. Louis, Missouri - Knight Center

  • Doug Wiens will contact Bill Leith and Cecily Wolfe regarding a USGS member sitting on ISSC. Request that they task someone who can represent topics ranging from GSN to Large N and other future-leaning activities within IS. Goal is to deepen and broaden the connections between IRIS and USGS. Attach implementation plan.
  • Recommend that the Polar component of the SAGE budget be reviewed by the IRIS subset of the PNSC, and then these recommendations go to the PASC to be reviewed in the context of the broader PASSCAL activities.
  • Clarify with the BoD the issue for representing the budgets for the (non-PASC and non-GSNSC) boxes that appear on the wiring diagrams. Develop a recommendation to the BoD for how we believe we should proceed. 
  • Develop a recommendation to NSF advocating that upgrades to AVO and AEC stations that are made as part of the Alaska TA be left in place for the long term science benefit.
  • Inform the BoD that the ISSC is forming a CEUSN Working Group and put forward the proposed membership of this group.
  • Provide a briefing on Dirt-to-Desktop at a future ISSC meeting.