Standing Committee Meeting Report International Development Seismology

October 2021

October 8, 2021 Virtual Meeting

Participants: Maureen Long (chair), Alberto Lopez Venegas, Andy Frassetto, Annie Zaino, Brandon Schmandt, Lindsay Davis, Tolulope Olugboji

Meeting Summary

The meeting began with the acknowledgement that no membership rotations in the IDSC would be needed for 2022. This continued with a discussion on the extent to which the IDSC will be recast within the EarthScope organization after IRIS and UNAVCO merge. There is enthusiasm to maintain an advisory group for international issues that explores opportunities for support of capacity building activities, and this was highlighted as feedback to the IRIS Board. As the main order of business, the IDSC discussed two proposals submitted to IRIS in response to the Simpson Fund solicitation, which were referred to this group for review and feedback. One proposal was considered an excellent fit and the consensus of the group was to advance this one with a recommendation for support. The other proposal generated some concerns and was not supported in its current state. The IDS discussed how to frame its recommendation to the IRIS Board and coordinate it with feedback from other governance committees potentially weighing the same proposals. The meeting concluded with a discussion on field safety in the context of international fieldwork. This discussion ties into a recently developed internal policy for UNAVCO, that is likely to be leveraged and added to under EarthScope to encompass PI-scenarios. The group discussed several best practices for fieldwork (empowering individual PIs, operating multiple vehicles to ensure backups, using satellite messengers for inexpensive communication).