Standing Committee Meeting Report International Development Seismology

February 2021

February 11, 2021 Virtual Meeting

Participants: Maureen Long (chair), Alberto Lopez Venegas, Annie Zaino, Andy Frassetto, Cindy Ebinger, Lindsay Davis, Tolulope Olugboji

Meeting Summary

The IDSC conducted a webmeeting to discuss opportunities for near-term community engagement relating to the IRIS and UNAVCO missions. First, it discussed the possibility to organize plenary sessions as part of the virtual SAGE and GAGE facilities community workshop scheduled for mid-August. A notional plan calls for two international development focused sessions, one aimed at participants from Africa and SE Asia and another aimed at those in Central and South America. The goal for these sessions would be to hear about science needs and opportunities from international groups and stakeholders, and understand ways the US community can provide meaningful support and collaboration. This would potentially involve panel discussions, and the group created a short list of names for possible participants. The group floated the concept of a reduced or free registration cost to assist and encourage attendance from development countries. In addition, the IDSC continued to discuss concepts for a webinar aimed at encouraging ethical international collaborations from U.S. scientists. Planning for this will continue in the spring and summer for a webinar possibly in the fall. Finally, the group began a review of its committee charge in anticipation of the IRIS and UNAVCO merger into EarthScope, Inc. and singular operation of the future geophysical facility.