Standing Committee Meeting Report International Development Seismology

August 2017

August 3, 2017 Virtual Meeting

Participants (committee): Anne Meltzer, Michael Bostock, Karen Fischer, Marino Protti, Ray Russo, Maureen Long

Action Items

  • Andy will check NSF-RCN proposal guidelines (deadlines, program to submit to, etc.) for SZ4D response proposal.
  • Andy will check with Tim Ahern on ballpark costs of past IRIS DMC metadata workshops and ASI events.
  • Anne will check with Jay Pulliam and with Felix Waldhauser on their concepts for potential Simpson Fund activities.
  • Maureen will serve as lead author on a Simpson Fund proposal for International REU focused on SZ research.

Meeting Summary

We met to discuss an IRIS community response to the SZ4D Initiative, IDSC response to the Simpson Fund proposal solicitation, and the addition of a member from the UNAVCO/geodetic community. The committee is moving forward with a response to the Simpson Fund solicitation and finalizing the draft of a proposed IRIS community response to SZ4D, focused on leveraging support from the NSF-RCN program for international capacity building efforts.