Standing Committee Meeting Report International Development Seismology

December 2015

Action Items from International Development Seismology Standing Committee Meeting
December 16, 2015, Hotel Zelos, San Francisco, CA

Participants: Andy Frassetto (AF), Anne Meltzer (AM), Harley Benz (HB), Bob Detrick (BD), Rengin Gok (RG), Lee Liberty (LL), Marino Protti (MP, remote), Jay Pulliam (JP), Ray Russo (RR), David Simpson (DS, remote)    

Action Items:

  • Renew conversation with Bill Abriel (SEG President) about SEG Foundation opportunities. - BD
  • Contact Gari Mayberry on SZO workshop funding possibilities. - HB
  • Investigate availability of 1 station worth of good hardware to donate to Cuban site in Bahamas. - AF
    • Update: Being resolved through IRIS-USGS dialog; ASL has made request for equipment through PASSCAL.
  • Frame funding request/budget for LACSC meeting support from IRIS unrestricted fund. - AF
    • Update: Support level identified and contribution to meeting has been made.
  • IDSC members volunteer to add in contact/logistics info to inform this: Central Asia (RG), South America (RR), Caribbean (JP), S.E. Asia (AM w/Singapore). - JP will iterate in early 2016.
  • Distribute ASI example agenda from Vietnam, consider how could this be modified for different topics? - JP
  • IDSC will push on SAVI and determine best timing for a proposal. Talk with Lina Patino on SAVI status, inquire with Jessica Robin as well. - JP/AF
  • Check on IDS document collection. - AF
  • IDSC reexamines charter. - Group