Standing Committee Meeting Report Global Seismographic Network

Sept/Oct 2020

Standing Committee Meeting Report - GSN

 GSN Standing Committee Meeting Fall 2020


Action Items and Consensus Recommendations:

  1. AI(Committee): Develop strategy for collection and reporting of facility metric(s) including citations.
  2. Consensus Recommendation: The GSN standing committee requests that a proposal related to the installation of lightning detector sensors at GSN stations be developed with a strong scientific justification and working with an academic partner, before any further discussions would proceed.
  3. AI(Dalton/Hafner): Contact Miaki Ishii regarding scheduling a conference call w/ GSN Standing Committee and the GSN Design Goals Working Group. 


Meeting Summary

Monday, September 28, 2020, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm ET


In attendance: Colleen Dalton (chair), Katrin Hafner, Cecily Wolfe, Charlotte Rowe, Harriet Lau, Jon Berger, Bob Woodward,  Dave Wilson, Peter Davis, Shawn Wei, Adam Ringler, Charles Ammon, Rob Mellors, William Yeck, Martin Vallée, Kasey Aderhold

Meeting Summary:

  1. Goals for this meeting (Dalton)
  2. Review & approval of Spring Meeting minutes & Status Action Items (Hafner)
  3. General Results of NSF IS review June 22-24, 2020 (Hafner)
  4. GSN Status Updates
    • Program Manager’s Report (Hafner)
    • IDA report (Davis)
    • ASL report (Wilson)
  5. Update of T360 Vault Sensor Testing
    • Review of Testing Results/Next Steps (Ringler)
    • Proposed Spending Plan (Hafner)
  6. GSN Budget Status (Hafner)
  7. Update on GSN Design Goals  & Science Discussion (Hafner)

Wednesday, October 7, 2020, 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm ET


In attendance: Colleen Dalton (chair), Katrin Hafner, Pete Davis, Dave Wilson, William Yeck, Charlotte Rowe, Martin Vallée, Jon Berger, Cecily Wolfe, Shawn Wei, Charles Ammon, Harriet Lau, Rob Mellors, Kasey Aderhold

Meeting Summary:

  1. GSN Timing
  2. IRIS Update (Woodward)
  3. IRIS and GSN Strategic Plan
  4. GSN Priorities for Rest of SAGE II and Beyond 
    • Future Directions for GSN
    • GSN Recapitalization Needs
  5. Meeting Wrap-up