Standing Committee Meeting Report Global Seismographic Network

October 2019

Fall 2019 GSN Standing Committee Meetings

Thursday, Oct 3 2:30 - 4:30 pm MST   Virtual Meeting

  • In attendance: K. Hafner, B. Woodward, C. Rowe, C. Ammon, C. Dalton, E. Wolin, J. Berger,  J. Park, Lauren Waszek, M. Vallée, N. Schmerr, P. Davis, W. Yeck, D.  Wilson, Cecily Wolfe
  • Meeting Summary:  Status Updates were presented by the GSN Program Manager and the IDA and ASL Network Operators.  The status of spending on the SAGE II YR 1 budget, and the projected SAGE II YR 2 budget were reviewed.

Tuesday, Oct 8, 2019   Portland Hilton Hotel, Portland, OR

  • In person: P. Davis, N. Schmerr, C. Dalton, D. Wilson, K. Hafner, B. Woodward, J. Park, J. Berger, J. Ritsema, A. Frassetto, K.Aderhold, E. Wolin, A. Ringler, B.  Detrick   

  • On the phone: C. Rowe, C. Wolfe, W. Yeck, M. Vallee, L. Waszek
  • ACTION ITEM: T360 vault sensors (Version 2): The SC endorses a plan for seven of the 14 T360-v1-vault sensors to be upgraded to v2. Some of these new sensors will be subjected to testing (against STS-1 performance and VBB specs) to evaluate their effectiveness as a VBB vault sensor. The SC looks forward to further data comparison results of the new T360-v2 vault sensor, both from the continued operation of the Black Forest Observatory (BFO) joint test, and at one or more other locations.

  • Meeting Summary:

    • ​Update from B. Woodward - IRIS Instrumentation Services Activities

    • Update on testing of next generation (version 2) of T360 vault and borehole sensors (at BFO and ASL)

    • Discussion on how to upgrade remaining GSN stations with Vault Sensors; Estimates of associated budget costs

    • GSN Design Goals - update on formation of Working Group;  Proposed presentations for the SIG at the SAGE/GAGE Workshop

    • GSN Metrics: New data gap analyses;  Improved noise performance at GSN stations upgraded with borehole sensors