Standing Committee Meeting Report Global Seismographic Network

October 2018

Fall 2018 GSN Standing Committee Meetings

October 25, 2018 (Virtual Meetings)

1:30 - 3:30 pm EST and 4:00 - 6:00 pm EST


  1. Action Item (Park): Contact potential GSN design goals working group members within next month
  2. Action Item (GSNSC) Feedback (comments, edits) on the paper is requested. Within next 2 weeks.

  3. Action Item:  (Kohler & Park) Come up with a recommendation statement that goes to the GSN Standing Committee for endorsement of pursuing funding for a LTSS pilot project.  If the GSNSC endorses this, it will be sent to Co-COM to then be forwarded on to the IRIS BoD which meets during the middle of November. Endorsement is due by November 2nd to be included in the CoCOM materials on November 5th.

  4. Action Item (Hafner) – send the GSNSC the IRIS webpage link to previous GSNSC members

  5. Action Item (GSNSC) – send Jeffrey Park a list of names to consider for new GSNSC members and potential chairs by November 2nd.  These names should include early career people who have not already served on the committee.

  6. Action Item (Hafner): Amend letter to GSRAS to include the CBTO SnT2019 option for a meeting

  7. Action Item: (Yeck & Waszek): Participate in the  GSN Metrics/Data Quality subcommittee


  1. IDA, ASL, the GSN PM presented updated activity reports.
  2. The status of GSN SAGE YR5 Closeout Spending, the SAGE II YR1 Budget, and the USGS FY18 Omnibus Fund Spending were reviewed.
  3. Kohler presented a summary of WGLTSS activities since the spring of 2018, results of the online survey on global seismology questions, and the resulting  WGLTSS Project Charter and WGLTSS summary report.
  4. Recommendations for new GSNSC members and Committee Chair were discussed by the GSNSC.
  5. There was a discussion about the potential modernization of the primary sensors at GSN stations in Russia, and the GSNSC endorsed sending a letter to GSRAS to set up a potential meeting in the coming year (at the CTBTO SnT conference, or IUGG).
  6. The need to prioritize which GSN Data Quality Metrics to focus was discussed.   A subcommittee consisting of the GSN PM, and the two network operators, and two members of the GSNSC was established to determine next steps.
  7. The usage of non-seismic sensors at GSN stations was reviewed.