Standing Committee Meeting Report Global Seismographic Network

October 2017

October 10 & 11, 2017  (NEIC, Golden, CO)


  1. Action Item (Hafner):  For next meeting, provide a quick status report of each of the previous meeting’s action items in the binder documents.
  2. Action Item (Wilson): Write EOS article about the Puerto Rico Station infrasound recorded (IU.SJG) during Hurricane Maria
  3. Action Item (GSNSC): Every six months, after the SC meets, put together a five-slide update of the status of the GSN for the NSF.   The first set of slides should cover general GSN items, and highlight the science highlights and field photos from the GSN.
  4. Action Item (Sumy): Flip the axes on the percent availability CDF plot
  5. Action Item (Park): Put forth a GSN Design Goals Working Group charge, tasks and potential names for members to be endorsed by the ISSC, and presented to CoCom.


  1. IDA, ASL and the GSN PM presented updated activity reports
  2. IDA and ASL summarized the delivery, testing, performance and installation status of the new VBB borehole sensors.
  3. The GSNSC endorsed their priorities for the use of IRIS-wide carryover funds
  4. IDA and ASL presented updates and data results on the deployment of infrasound/met sensors at GSN stations
  5. The GSNSC recommends to IRIS that they forward a proposal for a workshop to the NSF Seafloor Science and Engineering Research program.
  6. The GSNSC proposes a charge, tasks and membership for a working group to update the GSN Design Goals.
  7. GSN Network Quality Reports ("data percent availability" and "minimized noise performance") for 2016 & 2017 were presented to the committee.