Standing Committee Meeting Report Global Seismographic Network

October 2016


October 10-11 2016, ASL, Albuquerque, NM


(Wilson) The GSN SC voted on and recommended the closure of the IU.MSKU station.  Dave Wilson will check with the CTBTO regarding any effects this might have on them, and will have further conversations with Cecily Wolfe and Bill Leith for final approval.

(Wilson, Davis and Hafner):  Spending of remaining DOE VBB procurement funds:  Recommendation from the GSNSC is to stretch the procurement out, and see if Nanometrics will deliver a T360 vault this fall.  We would like to receive 4 units – three for ASL, and a 4th unit for IDA to conduct extended testing (e.g., 2 months) before making a final decision. This requires that we take delivery near the end of 2016, in order to have sufficient time for testing, evaluation and procurement. The GSN SC should be kept posted on the status of delivery and testing.

(Kohler, Nettles, Berger, Irving, Woodward, Hafner): The GSN Subcommittee for ‘GSN in the Oceans’ needs to identify the group of people to form the Working Group, and then draft the charge for the WG. The background work (e.g., names of those to approach, locations of where those instruments would go, and the design) that would go into an actual proposal is part of the charge for the WG. There should also be a design component in the proposal document, and it should be made available for wide distribution and for public comment.

(Davis & Wilson) ASL and IDA will provide an update on the infrasound deployment design they propose to use.    These plans should be delivered in approximately two months (December 2016).

(GSN SC) GSN External Review: Evaluate which of the 43 recommendations should be made a priority, including: 1) Evaluate whether you think the Executive Summary reflects the intent of the recommendations, 2) highlight some of the specific recommendations that IRIS should be pushing on, and 3) look for the messages from the Review Committee that need to be highlighted more than what is currently the case in the Executive Summary. Timeline: February 28, 2017.

(GSN SC): Suggest names for a committee to revisit the 2002 GSN Design Goals.

(GSN SC): Suggest new members for the committee. Due within a week of GSN SC Fall Meeting for submittal to the IRIS BoD for approval.



Program Reports: The GSN Program Manager, ASL Scientist-in-Charge and the Executive Director of Project IDA presented updates on their organization’s activities since the Spring 2016 GSNSC meeting.

USGS FY16 Funds for GSN Infrastructure improvements: – The GSNSC committee reviewed the list of needed infrastructure improvements (and their prioritization), and endorsed plans for improvements to complete in the coming year.

DOE funded VBB Borehole Procurement: The GSNSC committee reviewed the list of sensors that could be purchased, including those currently under development.  The spending plan for the remaining DOE funds will be finalized in the spring of 2017.

Budget Discussions: Discussions addressed 1) the SAGE YR3 GSN budget status, and, 2) the SAGE YR4 virtual GSNSC meetings

GSN in the Oceans: There was a discussion of creating a working group to determine some optimal locations for a prototype “permanent” OBS or a little array study to expand the coverage of the GSN in the ocean basins.

Infrasound Sensors at GSN stations: Various deployment strategies (and their results) were reviewed.   A list of stations to receive these sensors first was created.

GSN Data Quality Discussions:  GSN Metric results calculated using MUSTANG and LASSO tools were presented to the committee in a Network Quality Report.   The GSN received feedback on how to improve this report, and provided suggestions for additional metrics to investigate.