Standing Committee Meeting Report Global Seismographic Network

April 2016

GSN SC Spring 2016 Meeting

St. Louis, MO 

April 4 & 5, 2016

Action Items

Action Item (Walter): Review the Data Quality Goals Working document and suggest modifications needed to update the document.

Action Item (Hafner, Davis, and Wilson): Put together a plan for the International Technical Exchange Meeting (ITEM).

Action Item (Hafner and GSN Vault Sensor Specification Ad Hoc Committee): Respond to GSN SC comments on the draft VBB vault-sensor functional specifications.

Action Item (Hafner): Within six months, engage with other global network operators to gain feedback about the GSN VBB Vault Sensor Functional specifications.

Action Item (Wilson, Davis and Hafner):  The GSNSC has approved in principle that we should consider installing VBB borehole sensors at some vault locations and should pursue as many borehole/posthole sensors as possible with the remainder of the VBB procurement funds.  A proposal of specific sensor numbers/types should be presented to the GSNSC for discussion in a followup conference call.

Action Item (Nettles and Hafner): Put together a Doodle to decide dates/location for Scripps/ASL for September/October GSN SC meeting

Action Item (Metrics subcommittee: Hafner, Wilson, Davis, Irving, Earle, Nettles): Review and revise proposed-metrics document.

Meeting Summary

Program Reports: The GSN Program Manager, ASL Scientist-in-Charge and the Executive Director of Project IDA presented updates on their organization’s activities since the Fall 2015 GSNSC meeting.

NGEO foundational and frontier activities discussion

USGS FY16 Funds: Cecily Wolfe reports that the GSN budget for FY16 has an additional $1.6M gross appropriation for borehole installations. The Greenbook language was for a requested
increase that will allow the GSN to continue a 5yr effort to deploy and install over 40 borehole sensors and to improve the physical infrastructure of select GSN sites (the 5yr effort language shows that there will be further requests in the future)

DOE funded VBB Borehole Procurement: The GSNSC committee discussed the options for spending the funds to: (1) buy only additional borehole sensors; or (2) use 80% of funds for borehole instruments, and 20% on vault sensors. At this point, we have more options for improving performance at vault installations with borehole sensors.

Budget Discussions: Discussions addressed 1) the SAGE YR2 GSN budget carryover toYR3 budget and, 2) the SAGE YR4 budget

USGS Russian Station Proposal:  A subcommittee recommended that the current configuration of the network in Russia be sustained and that the situation be reevaluated as appropriate

VBB Vault Sensor Specifications: The GSNSC reviewed and made comments on the draft functional specifications

GSN in the Oceans: There was an update on ADOSS system, and a discussion of community input for an Ocean Strategic Vision