Standing Committee Meeting Report Global Seismographic Network

March 2015

GSN SC Spring 2015 Meeting Action Items

Woodlands Conference and Resort Center, Houston, TX

March 26-27, 2015


1. (Wilson and Wolfe) USGS/ASL will share monthly status reports on borehole procurements with GSN management. There are still legal considerations, but as legally allowed, USGS will update us on the progress. Wilson and Wolfe will work out details of distribution limitations.

2. (Wilson) Seek whether DQA reports can be visible on the committee pages under password protection.

3. (Woodward) Distribute draft on Technology development process from ISSC to the GSN SC for their specific input.

4. (Woodward) Circulate the final draft of the IS Quality Principles to the GSN SC so that they have the latest and final draft.

5. (GSN Staff) Investigate whether IMS and/or CTBTO have a statement about wind turbines.

6. (Hafner/Nettles) Wind Farm Subcommittee Word document to the GSN SC for comment.

7. (Wind Farm Subcommittee and GSN SC) Upon finalization, the Wind Farm statement document will be sent to the IRIS Board of Directors as a proposed statement from the IRIS Consortium (e.g., for distribution on IRIS letterhead, etc.).

8. (Wilson, Davis, Hafner, Earle, Nettles) Examine Metric 5.1 in the GSN Data Quality Goals document. Define the metric in detail at the channel level and at the station level, and figure out how to accurately obtain that particular metric. Compare the MUSTANG/LASSO output with that of the DQA. Dead channels do not count.

9. (Wilson, Hafner, Davis/Berger, Nettles) Formulate the question (next step) of the work that should be done to provide clarification on how to move forward with the M2166.

10. (Nettles/GSN Committee) Work on the Ocean Strategic Vision, propose working group members who can develop a more specific outline for a proposal, which would focus on one to three ocean GSN stations.

11. (Nettles/Hafner) Request DMC to calculate noise out to longer periods.


First meeting with the new IRIS GSN Program Manager

Reviewed reports from IRIS, IDA, ASL , ISSC and USGS operations

Discussion about finalizing the GSNSC recommendation on the distance to maintain between Wind Farms and GSN stations.

Discussion about Prioritization of GSN upgrades and infrastructure improvements.

M2166 discussion:  what should the next steps be in making a decision about whether to pursue this sensor for the GSN

Data Quality Status:  ASL is working on an automated nightly push to provide daily QC via the Data Quality Analyzer (DQA).

GSN Data Quality Goals document:  Discussion of which metrics can currently be addressed and validated.