Standing Committee Meeting Report Global Seismographic Network

March 2014

GSN SC Spring 2014 meeting Action Items

Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory

March 10-11, 2014

1. (Anderson) - Setup method to track past and present action items beyond just those of the previous meeting including status (open, closed, resolutions, etc).

2. (Nettles and SC) - Write a short document for the IRIS board that describes GSN goals and priorities and explains how GSN fits into the IRIS dirt-to-desktop initiative.  Committee members are encouraged to submit slides to Nettles that show the usefulness of the GSN. Nettles will draft document and distribute to the committee members for comment.

3. (Wolfe) - The USGS 5 year Earthquake Hazards Program plan will be shared with standing committee when it is completed.

4. (Davis, Panning, Newman) - Pete will work with Bob Hutt to gather writeups on the effects of siting stations near wind farms and share the information with Panning and Newman who will draft a GSN policy for siting stations near wind farms.

5. (Nettles, SC) - Revise the “Global Seismic Network Data Quality Goals” document by the next GSN-SC meeting.

6. (SC) - Provide Anderson with any further suggestions for LASSO improvement within a month.

7. (Anderson) - Investigate what actions have been taken to assure the metrics being reported by LASSO are correct.

8. (Anderson) - Investigate ways to quantify the likely degradation in GSN performance resulting from potential decreases or stagnation of maintenance support (ala WWSSN degradation plot).

9. (Nettles) - Send a letter for support for the new IRIS Instrumentation Services Governance document.

10.  (Anderson, Nettles) - Work with Board of Directors on drafting a letter supporting Italy's support to upgrade INGV failing DAS's - This could be coordinated with general FDSN support letter with Ekstrom.

Minor actions for PM:

a) Distribution COI presentation from Simpson to the committee

b)  Post meeting presentations on GSNSC webpage

c)  Distribute working Quality Assurance System Implementation Plan to SC (especially new members)

d)  Prepare budget prioritizations for Cocom

e)  Gather further input on GSN review questions and suggestion for panel members

f)  Make the next GSN SC meeting documents available 2 weeks prior to the meeting date and provide a reading prioritization list.