Standing Committee Meeting Report Global Seismographic Network

October 2011

Action Items from GSN Standing Committee
Denver, CO
October 13-14, 2011

Action Item #1 (Anderson/Ahern): Coordinate a teleconference with Ahern regarding QC development.

AI-1 response:  Nov, 2011 - GSN and DMS personnel meet with ASL, IDA and PASSCAL to review QC developments and provide final comments on ConOps document (no further edits required).

Action Item #2 (Ahern): Tim Ahern will follow up with Eleanore Stutzman (GEOSCOPE) to see if actions at DMC have resolved gap issues with TRIS and KIP

AI-2 response:  Pending.  Analysis indicates gap issue is improved.  Discussed at AGU, but will confirm with GEOSCOPE more formally.

Action Item #3 (Anderson): Distribute Action Item status prior to GSN SC meetings.

AI-3 response:  AI page updated and link presented to SC prior to SC meeting (3/13/2012 target)


Action Item #4 (Anderson): Post QC Table caption on QC webpage.

AI-4 response:  Caption posted

Action Item #5 (Anderson/Ammon - input from Network operators and SC members): Prepare contents for SC report to Board on Global Seismology Strategies.

AI-4 response:  Anderson prepared GSN background and stresses sections and Ammon prepared Science section.  Report was presented to IRIS Board of Directors on November 8, 2011.

Action item #6 (Anderson): Present previous meeting minutes 2 weeks prior to SC meeting.  Follow up on key points/concerns.

AI-6 response:  Meeting minutes with key points distributed on 3/13/2012.


Action Item #7 (Anderson):  Provide final update to Quality Assurance System Con Ops document by 10/21 and then distribute to SC's, QAT, BoD adn Qulaity Panel.  Request feedback from all parties by 10/31.  Conference call 11/14 to bring to closure.  Meet in January for implemenation plan development.

AI-7 response:  Final comments received by 10/31 (limited comments).  Distributed to Board as final documents at Board meeting (11/8/2011).  Implementation plan still pending.