Standing Committee Meeting Report Global Seismographic Network

October 2010

Action Items from GSN Standing Committee

Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory, New Mexico

October 4-5, 2010

Action Item #1 (Anderson, Gee, Davis):  The SC asks the GSN Network Operations Group to develop a table showing current station quality status for the GSN, as described by the Quality Panel.


Action Item #2 (Anderson with QAT):  The SC requests the Quality Assessment Team to develop a systemic implementation plan, with a timetable and cost estimate, for the quality assessment and quality control process for the GSN, based on the general approach outlined in the GSN Quality Assessment report. The GSN SC would like to review this plan at the time of the Spring meeting 2011.


Action Item #3 (Dziewonski, Suarez):  The SC is to contact FDSN to include discussion of a Global Array of Broadband Arrays in the next IUGG meeting in summer 2011.

Action Item #4 (Leith, Anderson):  The SC will explore the possibility of working with NOAA to investigate possible synergies for ocean bottom seismology through the use of the DART buoys.  Will coordinate with Butler on recent work with NOAA.

Action Item #5 (Gee, Davis):  The SC requests the ASL and IDA to report to committee on status of population of owner lookup code in the dataless seed volumes.


Statement #1- The GSN SC believes a logical role for GSN SC is to use the table established by network operators to review priorities for station maintenance. We think it would be more productive than periodically evaluating travel schedules. We believe this is aligned with the intent of the Quality Panel. 


Statement #2- The GSN SC commends the ASL and IDA groups, the GSN Network Operations Group, and the GSN Quality Assessment Team for their significant efforts in assessing GSN data quality and initiating a quality-assessment and quality-control plan for the GSN. The GSN SC also expresses its support for a continued, vigorous effort in this area.


Statement #3- The committee encourages a balance between NGS rollout and effort to maintain data quality.

Statement #4- The SC supports the management changes within IRIS and believes they hold a lot of potential. 

Statement #5- The GSN SC continues to endorse the idea of long-term seismic observations in ocean basins.