Standing Committee Meeting Report Global Seismographic Network

April 2010

 Action Items from Spring 2010 GSNSC meeting

Washington, DC      April 8-9, 2010


Action Item #1 (All members): Provide comments on current proposal draft to Rhett in one week (by 04/17/10).

Action Item #2 (Gavin, Rhett): Gavin will address final comments raised related to GSN community usage survey before short-term distribution.

Action Item #3 (GSN-SC, DMS-SC, ASL, and IDA): Following DMS bullet item #1, the GSN-SC support developing a response plan that addresses quality control issues with the data quality at GSN stations.  The plan should focus on current LDEO identified problems, develop systems to detect problems moving forward and develop a methodology to actively address problems as they are identified.

Action Item #4 (Rhett): GSN-SC will work with DMS to build mechanisms for station problem reporting.

Action Item #5 (ASL and IDA): Systematic cataloging of all stations and sensor status using 2-3 basic metrics, first for (i) current status, and (ii) historical status. Network facilities will coordinate with the “GSN Quality Assessment Team” to propose appropriate metrics, and a plan for cataloging.

Action Item #6 (Kent): Convene "GSN Data Quality Assessment Team", and with team initiate the course of action outlined in the David Simpson's memo.

Action Item #7 (ASL): GSN-SC encourages ASL to produce calibration products that provide both input and output data, and archive them at the DMC.

Action Item #8 (All members): Standing committee members are encouraged (but not required) to provide feedback to Rhett regarding the “GSN Strategy for the Next Decade” document, by the time of the BoD meeting.


Statement #1 - The GSN-SC acknowledges the data QC memo from David Simpson, and supports the proposed steps to address these issues.

- Clarified that proposed webpage for the GSN website does not involve a completed assessment of data problems, but will provide acknowledgement that problems exist, and are being worked on in the following ways.


Statement #2 - The Pan-IRIS coordination between the GSN-SC, DMS-SC, WQC and GSN network facilities is encouraged.