Standing Committee Meeting Report Global Seismographic Network

April 2009

GSNSC Spring 2009 Meeting Action Items

IRIS HQ, April 16-17, 2009


1.  Action item (Davis):  The committee encourages IDA to continue discussions with India for a GSN station either in Bangalore or possibly some other site within India.

2.  Action item (Anderson, Gee, Davis):  For sustainability calculations we need a better estimate of the cost of ancillary equipment (~$300k/yr).

3.  Action Item (Hayes):  The committee will work on criteria to help evaluate the criteria for defining the Core Network before July 1, 2009.

4.  Action Item (Butler):  Rhett will put together a proposed list of the Core Network for the fall GSNSC meeting.

5.  Action Item (Butler, Song):   After the CoCom meeting, the budget will be circulated to the committee for discussion on priorities of the stimulus funds before the board meeting.

6.  Action Item (McGuire):  Develop a short statement that documents the spectacular opportunity that the Ocean Observatories Initiative presents for expanding the GSN into the southern oceans in a cost effective way.  It should describe the compelling reasons and the science rationale for augmenting the global buoy program with broadband seismometers.  This document can then be brought to the board for approval, and then be utilized by IRIS to explore ways to fund the addition of seismometers to the southern ocean buoys. 

7.  Action item (Dziewonski): Adam will produce an outline of a new GSN science plan.  A group of GSNSC members will help (McGuire, Dalton, Song, Ritsema, Berger, Bilek), and will come up with a list of outside people to contribute small 1-2 page sections.  We will start electronically with the goal of producing a document in 1/2-1 year.  The need for a workshop will be evaluated after we get started.

8.  Action Item (Anderson, Gee, Davis):  The operations group will review the best practices for determining sensitivity and orientation.

9.  Action Item (Song):   The committee will evaluate the scientific rationale for GSN design goals for instrument response and azimuthal accuracy.

10.  Action Item (Butler, Anderson, Davis, Gee): Develop plan for accelerated NGS upgrades in next 2 years.