Standing Committee Meeting Report Global Seismographic Network

October 2008

GSN SC Action Items, Fall meeting - La Jolla - Oct 2008

1: GSNSC is to continue discussion on GSN core services/activities and to reach a conclusion at the spring meeting.  Bilek designated as lead.

2: GSNSC is to update the "GSN Standing Committee Charge" for recommendation to the board. McCormack designated as lead.

3: Program manager will work with the network operators and the operations manager on the GSN O&M document with a draft distribution in about one month (prior to the Nov Board meeting).  This will be reviewed at the GSNSC spring meeting.

4: Program manager is to propose a list of stations for potential international partnerships.

5: At current funding levels how long will it take to rollout 100% of the next generation systems (NGS)? This estimate should be prepared by the network operators in coordination with the operations manager by November 1 (prior to the Board meeting). There is also a need to state how the process could be accelerated and what resources would be required.

6: Chair and Program manager will present SC concern to BOD at next meeting, in conjunction with the operators projection (AI-5), of how long rollout will take at current funding level.

7:  SC provides Program manager input for how GSN would use pot of 1-time funds that might become available in upcoming years.

8: Kong and Leith will provide Program manager with a list of Tsunami Warning Centers, indicating which use GSN data, and which GSN stations are critical for their tsunami warning mission. Kong is to provide a summary for the international tsunami warning groups and Leith will contact NOAA for their list.

9: Communicate to Program manager and David Simpson scientific reasons for densifying coverage and getting higher frequency data from Russia.  Song designated as lead.

Open Action Items from previous meetings:

S08-1/ Gee, Davis:  Request to network operators to provide summary of costs for calibration activities, including time required and accuracy (orientation of sensors).

S08-2/ Gee, Davis:  The two Network Operators should discuss together and make a joint recommendation on standards and methods for GSN sensor orientation.

S08-4/ Davis:  IDA to provide impact to IRIS system for various stations should IRIS takeover some IDA payments?

S08-6/ Anderson, Gee, Davis:  Request Kent Anderson and Network Operators to review calibrations of the GSN core stations and recommend how known errors should be corrected and made known to users.  Report at next SC (6 months).