Standing Committee Meeting Report Global Seismographic Network

October 2006

Albuquerque, New Mexico USGS Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory

Action Item 1:

The SC approves the minutes from the previous SC meeting with amendments from Bill Leith and John Derr.
Responsibility: Anderson

Action Item 2:

Resolution: The SC encourages the IRIS IDA group to investigate the possibility of installing a GSN quality station in Tajikistan.
Responsibility: Berger

Action Item 3:

Resolution: The SC does not support the continued spending of GSN funds on the license cost for the Hawaii-2 cable system sued by H2O station beyond the funds currently available to the H2O and cable grant (~$33K). The SC anticipates that the next license fee (Year 2007, pay in December of 2006) will be the last payment
Responsibility: Butler

Action Item 4:


SC advises ASL to install a well isolated STS-2 instead of an STS-1 vertical at TARA, KANT, and XMAS stations
Responsibility: Gee

Action Item 5:

The chair askes the GSN Program Managers and Network operators to get together to devise some candidate metrics for stations uptime that are useful for 1) science, 2) tsunami warning, 3) USGS mission (earthquake hazard mitigation), and 4) Ancillary sensors (eg microbarographs)
Responsibility: Butler/Anderson/Davis/Gee


Action Item 6:

The chair request that starting with Joe Steim's presentation of GSN noise levels, develop an analysis to evaluate the viability of STS-1 deployments throughout the GSN, and to develop more informed tradeoff metrics for futre deployments and maintenance priorities.
Responsibility: Anderson


Action Item 7:

The chair proposes that three papers be written to demark the completion of the ANSS Backbone

  1. Human interest piece on Earthscop PA installations for IRIS Annual report (Gee and Anderson)
  2. SRL article on the Backbone (history, installation and performance (Anderson, Park, Butler, Leith, and many others)
  3. 1 or 2 pager to NSF on PA completino (TBD)


GSNSC Action Item Resolutions:

  1. Minutes approved.