Standing Committee Meeting Report Education and Public Outreach

March 2019

EPO Standing Committee Spring Meeting

March 12-13, 2019

Action Items

  • Find avenues to publish and/or distribute REU longitudinal tracking report 
  • Look for opportunities to expand distribution of REU Anti-Harassment curriculum. Committee to provide suggestions as to how to promote these materials 
  • Promote the Station Monitor Mobil App, including exploring submission of App to South by South West (SXSW) and translation into Spanish 
  • Committee to recommend IRIS/SSA Distinguished Lecture venues 
  • Provide Danielle a list of people who have overlapping or complementary resources for the online module for geoscience career education
  • Determine if COMET MetEd online learning system could be a platform for the online careers module
  • IRIS staff to submit SAGE accomplishments to NSF via their communications office for social media and press releases, and to Maggie Benoit as PPT slides for presentations (at least quarterly) 
  • Provide Maggie Benoit with IRIS EPO presentation at Large Facilities Workshop 
  • Review existing web-products to determine where the NSF logo might be added (i.e., needed on the earthquake browser, global seismogram viewer and the station monitor). 
  • IRIS EPO and UNAVCO ECE directors to continue conversations about strategic planning for areas of work to focus on finding additional funding; understand the landscape, defining goals 
  • IRIS EPO and UNAVCO ECE directors to identify products /projects that are of interest to both groups and that might involve both the UNAVCO and IRIS committees 
  • Consider bringing UNAVCO and IRIS teams together at the end of the year 

Meeting Summary

The EPO Standing Committee met on March 12-13, 2019 at the Courtyard Marriott Denver Airport. The attendees for part or all of the meeting included: Kathy Ellins (Chair), Vince Cronin, Debi Kilb, Alex Nikulin, Eric Riggs, Mike Thorne, Bob Wegner, John Taber, Donna Charlevoix. Remote attendees: Wendy Bohon, Tammy Bravo,  Perle Dorr, Danielle Sumy,  Michael Hubenthal, Mladen Dordevic, Maite Agopian, Maggie Benoit, Zhigang Peng.

The meeting began with a review of the minutes and action items from the previous meeting, followed by a presentation and discussion on EPO program highlights over the past six months and the staff priorities for the next 6 months.  The IRIS/SSA Distinguished Lecturer nominations for 2020 were presented and approved by the Committee for submission to the IRIS and SSA Boards for approval, and there was a discussion of the future of the lectureship.  This was followed by a presentation on a new anti-harassment curriculum developed for the IRIS REU orientation, and a discussion of how to promote its use more widely.  Then IRIS’s educational role in ShakeAlert was described, including the role of the Quake Catcher Network.  This was followed by a presentation on the expanding science communication activities of IRIS, which are often in collaboration with UNAVCO.

After lunch, there was a status report on the October SAGE/GAGE workshop planning, along with a discussion of potential EPO pre-workshops and Special Interest Groups.  This was followed by discussion of several items related to SAGE II implementation, including the recently submitted joint IRIS/UNAVCO EWO implementation plan, EPO metrics, the draft SAGE website, and SAGE and IRIS branding.  Then the committee was briefed on the status of the CORES panel activities and submissions.  This was followed by a phone discussion with Maggie Benoit, the SAGE program manager at NSF.   The next topic was an update on the status the Mars InSight mission and IRIS’s role in providing data access and resources for the public, via an outreach award from JPL. This was followed by a discussion of the DigitSeis project and the next steps to implementing the citizen science component of the project.  Then there was an update on the final activities planned for the EarthScope national office, and discussion of the potential for creating EarthScope legacy documents.  The day finished with an introduction to the draft SAGE II, Year 2 budget.

The 2ndday did not begin with the usual executive session because hazardous weather conditions resulted in some committee members needing to leave early and others needing to revise travel plans.  Instead, the meeting began with a discussion of SAGE II budget options, and the approval of the draft budget by the committee.   This was followed by a marketing and branding discussion, including how to best implement NSF’s new branding recommendations.     This was followed by a discussion of potential joint IRIS/UNAVCO funding opportunities and potential IRIS EPO/UNAVCO ECE committee interactions.  The meeting concluded with the creation of a list of cross-program issues and information items for the Board that the EPOSC desired to be brought to the upcoming CoCom meeting.