Standing Committee Meeting Report Education and Public Outreach

October 2018

EPO Standing Committee Spring Meeting

October 24, 31, 2018 (Virtual)

Action Items

  • John Taber to meet with Maggie Benoit for her ideas on communicating to NSF that IRIS should not become less noticeable. Committee could write endorsement promoting IRIS if needed.
  • John Louie to collect from committee members points about benefits of maintaining IRIS’s identity. John Louie to draft a slide outlining these points for John Taber’s use.
  • John Taber to convey to IRIS the Committee’s recommendation that IRIS and UNAVCO consider holding joint workshop to discuss data services, including considering maintaining existing websites or evolving into one joint website- process to provide all services.
  • Consider inviting UNAVCO ECE advisory committee to next face-to-face EPOSC meeting in Fall, 2019

Meeting Summary

The EPO Standing Committee met virtually on October 24 and 31, 2018. The attendees for part or all of the meeting included: John Louie (Chair), Maite Agopian, Maggie Benoit, Lora Bleacher, Wendy Bohon, Tammy Bravo, Donna Charlevoix, Mladen Dordevic, Perle Dorr, Michael Hubenthal, Alex Nikulin, Zhigang Peng, Eric Riggs, John Taber, and Mike Thorne.

The meeting began with a review of the minutes and action items from the previous meeting, followed by a presentation and discussion on EPO program highlights over the past six months and the staff priorities for the next 6 months. This was followed by a presentation and extended discussion of a number of aspects of SAGE II implementation and planning, including a discussion with Maggie Beniot, NSF SAGE Program Manager. This was followed by an update on the status and plans for the Mars InSight project, and then an update on the activities of the EarthScope National Office. This concluded the first day discussions.

The second day began with a presentation on ShakeAlert and IRIS’s role in the initiative. The next section of the meeting focused on UNAVCO Education and Community Engagement activities and opportunities for collaborations and synergies, as well at the development of the collaboration plan between IRIS EPO and UNAVCO ECE. EPO program evaluation was discussed next, along with a discussion of potential new SAGE II metrics for the program. Then there was a short executive session, followed by a review of the budget. The meeting concluded with vote on the selection of a new committee chair, and highlighting of items to be brought forward to the IRIS Board.