Standing Committee Meeting Report Education and Public Outreach

September 2014

Action Items  - EPO Standing Committee Meeting


IRIS HQ, Washington, DC

  • Develop short teaching repository document summarizing teaching repository and curation goals to run past NSF.
  • Write short description on what would be needed to create online FieldXP database of projects and potential students, including costs, to send to NSF for suggestions on how it might be funded.
  • Develop cost estimate from IRIS for overall Masters summer experience budget to present to companies as an estimate.
  • Conduct IRIS and UNAVCO joint conversation about assessment/evaluation strategy for EPO programs.
  • Create an RFP to secure evaluator to assist in developing the facility evaluation plan.
  • Explore promoting jAmaSeis use with OOI ocean bottom seismometers and streaming data from DMC.
  • Create best practices document for regional AS1 operators.
  • Contact regional seismic network operators and recommend links to Spanish language pages, ex. Puerto Rico.
  • Follow up on potential Nasco collaboration for development of classroom earthquake kits.
  • Highlight IEB in EduQuakes, re-order seismic monitor and IEB on webpage, feature IEB instead of seismic monitor as image on top third of webpage.
  • Contact Educational Affiliate members with a current representative to determine if there is ongoing interest in remaining as a member.
  • Request update on Seismic Canvas.
  • Release Curriculum Development RFP if carryover funds available.
  • Touch base with committee every two months vs every three.