Standing Committee Meeting Report Education and Public Outreach

March 2014

Action Items  - EPO Standing Committee Meeting


IRIS HQ, Washington, DC

  • FS to look into getting 3 of his 4 short courses on seismology ready to submit to the ECI teaching repository that is in development
  • AF to actively search for chair of ECI committee, to be completed at 2014 workshop, with new chair identified
  • DV and SJ to update bullet points on benefits of EA membership on IRIS website
  • DV and SJ to explore potential for an IRIS certified seismologist seal of approval (a la AMS certification)
  • SJ and DS will interface with William Wilcock, Douglas Toomey, and Emilie Hooft of the Cascadia Initiative ([url=][/url]) for future IRIS EPO interactions in the student earthquake location project.
  • JT will check with Rob Newman about community feedback on design of current IRIS home page
  • JT to share IRIS website re-design and web metrics plans with DC
  • FS will check with Paradigm to see if they would be willing to let IRIS use GOCAD for 3D focal mechanisms
  • PM to network with Space Foundation and Challenger Center about IRIS’ role in InSight
  • TB & JT to review John Lahr fund document to clarify how these funds can be used
  • DV and SJ to contact Mobile App faculty at respective schools to see if they would be interested in developing a simple app for IRIS
  • JT to get 2 quotes from professional programmers/consultants for IEB data and IRIS Visualizer mobile apps
  • JT to have the 2 EPO highlights slides done by CoCOM in mid April, work with DS