Standing Committee Meeting Report Education and Public Outreach

September 2008

Action Items

IRIS Education and Outreach Standing Committee

September 26-27, 2008


  • Michael Wysession (MW) will formulate a letter to Caroline Wagner at SRI to request additions to the external evaluation.  
  • Michael Hubenthal (MH) will investigate using previous interns to make presentations at HBCU's.
  • Ines Cifuentes (IC) will contact Peter Weis at AGU to discuss potential collaborations on IRIS press releases and news.
  • IC will help IRIS interns connect with AGU interns at the fall AGU meeting.
  • Patrick McQuillan (PM) will make efforts to get IRIS links on appropriate Wikipedia pages.
  • John Taber (JT) will see that Animations of the Month (AOTM) are reviewed by the E&O Standing Committee.
  • Matt Toigo (MT) will add icons for each AOTM to the archive web page and Jenda Johnson will add the IRIS logo to the animations.
  • MT will generate different icons for stations and events on the map view of the AS1 data sharing site so that maps print well in B&W.
  • JT and RC will generate a "What is IRIS" powerpoint so that anyone who does workshops or presentations has a canned set of slides to introduce IRIS.
  • MT will add a powerpoint page to the website. Someone/Everyone will find links to powerpoints on other sites, and internalize important presentations (e.g. What is IRIS).
  • MT will complete creation of new IRIS image gallery.  
  • JT will contact Ben Coleman to get a more complete time-line and budget for proposed software development.
  • JT will investigate long term support of REV.
  • Glenn Kroeger (GK) will develop a mockup of a web based educational seismology application that could be backended by web work at DMS.
  • GK will survey EAs and other contacts to develop ideas for successful workshops at GSA meetings
  • JT will find ways to trim staff travel including using west coast staff and leveraging IRIS members for some events.
  • PM will look for and add photos of female students doing science to the IRIS E&O website.
  • JT will forward recommendations for panel members to NSF and recommendations for EO committee membership to IRIS Board.
  • JT will contact Dine College to determine their continued interest in the EA program.
  • JT and MT will investigate using web based discussion software to supplement/replace meetings.  
  • PM will poll IRIS members for research vignettes for the web site and also for submission to DBIS.
  • PM will consider how to focus DL series on larger and more diverse audiences, including abandoning first-come/first-served scheduling.
  • GK will contact Megan Anderson at Colorado College about EA program.
  • IC and JT will arrange meeting with Association of Community Colleges to discuss potential collaboration.