Standing Committee Meeting Report Education and Public Outreach

September 2007

Action Items

IRIS Education and Outreach Standing Committee

September 26-27, 2007

  • J. Taber:  Contact Tina Niemi about SACNAS
  • J. Taber: Contact Jim Davis about the display material his group is developing through Earthscope funding to determine how it might be used in the Active Earth Display.
  • J. Taber: Include a budget broken down by program element in the next committee report.
  • J. Taber: Organize a meeting at AGU to discuss plans for developing an Earth science literacy document.  The document will include a list of fundamental principles of Geoscience that will be used by NSF to guide education standards.
  • I. Cifuentes:  Check if the plan for developing the atmospheric literacy document can be shared with IRIS E&O.
  • M. Hubenthal:  Develop a strategy for more IRIS participation in the regional NSTA organizations.
  • M. Hubenthal, J. Taber: Begin plan for new REU proposal with help from committee members (due August 2008).
  • New hire: Revise call for 2009 nominations by AGU, include clear information regarding venue of lectures, requirement that lecturers be in U.S. during lectureship.
  • New Hire: Get statistics on age group distribution for Earth Science Week packet.
  • M. Toigo: Investigate methods for converting AmaSeis to Java for running AS-1 on multiple platforms.
  • R. Welti, M. Toigo: Report at next meeting about what is involved in maintaining the Spinet website and get some assessment of how it is used and what is its impact. 
  • J. Taber: Circulate tomography write-up to the committee for review.
  • L. Serpa, K. Furlong, and M. Wysession: Prepare a list of topics in seismology that are new and not covered in textbooks.
  • M. Hubenthal: Provide recommendation on the philosophy of the IRIS poster.  He will send an email before the next meeting so that people will arrive with ideas for the next poster.   
  • J. Taber, M. Wysession: Submit session proposal on teaching seismology for the spring SSA meeting.
  • M. Toigo and new hire: Post David Wald and Roger Bilham lectures on web as podcasts.
  • New hire: Ask 2008 lecturers if they could either use public domain images in their presentations or request permission to display them on the web.
  • New hire: Send full list of 2007 Distinguished Lecture sites to committee