Standing Committee Meeting Report Education and Public Outreach

September 2006

IRIS Education and Outreach Standing Committee

Action Items

September 28–29, 2006

Action Items:

  • Hubenthal:  Create mini-PowerPoint presentation for faculty to advertise the IRIS internships.

  • R. Welti,J. Taber:  Museum Lite
    • Determine cost for a new server for potentially high use.
    • Create a seismicity map per continent for the Museum Light displays.
    • Explore potential for allowing user to interactively request specific region using lat/long.
    • Further consider dissemination to the community at large, including schools and museums.

  • M. Hubenthal:  Bulk mail community about Earth Science week materials created by IRIS.

  • J. Taber: Contact C. Ammon about providing ideas for designs for a virtual helicorder.

  • J. Taber: Consider IRIS E&O representation at the Texas state teachers association annual meeting, perhaps including a keynote speaker.  K. Ellins to provide contact information.  Also consider representation at annual meetings for the American Indian Science and Education Society (AISES).

  • M. Hubenthal:  Contact HVO E&O personnel and pursue the possibility of doing a teacher workshop associated with the 2007 SSA meeting in Hawaii.

  • P. Dore: Proceed with plans for USArray siting by students and, perhaps, teachers.  Will contact regional institutions, including appropriate Educational Affiliates.

  • J. Taber:  Clarify list of outreach activities to be supported in states where TA is installed and issue appropriate subawards.

  • M. Hubenethal:  Follow-up on two-pager documents (cutting edge topics to be included in classes).

  • M. Hubentthal:  Follow-up on a meeting for affiliates and potential for travel funding.  Alternatively, may host a get-together at another popular meeting amongst affiliates such as GSA.

  • L. Wetzal & M. Hubenthal:  Create a list of funding opportunities for educational affiliates and students.  Post the list on the IRIS websites with links directly to the funding sources.

  • M. Hubenthal:  At the 2008 IRIS workshop have a forum to talk about research with undergraduates.
    • Reach out to IRIS internship hosts to discuss expectations.
    • Invite all interested in undergraduate research.

  • New Staff:  Continue to generate a poster every 1-2 years.  Topics will be solicited from the general IRIS community.

  • New Staff and SpiNet:  Post AS1 survey results on the IRIS website after completing AS1 survey by contacting non-responders.

  • J. Taber: Go ahead with seismology education RFP after making changes to budget and application details.

  • J. Taber:  Follow-up with SeisMac developer to enhance user interface and determine if data can be stored and exported.

  • J. Taber & M. Wysessions: Put together 4-5 page document to highlight highly visible E&O successes for initial discussions with NSF on assessment.  All committee members will be contacted to contribute.