Standing Committee Meeting Report Education and Public Outreach

October 2005

IRIS Education and Outreach Committee meeting

Action Items

October 27-28, 2005
New Mexico Tech

  1. M. Hubenthal to initiate process to create an educational seismology resource for undergraduate teaching Web page.

  2. M. Hubenthal to approach G. Kroger to see if he would be will to lead development of seismology few-pagers and to discuss possibility of submitting a proposal to fund the work.

  3. M. Hubenthal to write short statement for BOD to recommend Pitt for EA membership and to ask for clarification of SUNY Potsdam EA application.

  4. J. Taber will negotiate collaboration with M. Hall on AS1 activities.

  5. R. Aster, S. Stein to start on the Century of Earthquakes poster. J. Mallett to start layout after AGU.

  6. Committee members to submit 2 images of the week for their assigned month.

  7. G. Levy to talk to S. Stein about animation content after getting NSF on board.  All committee members to send URLs of good animations to G. Levy.

  8. John D.:  UNAVCO/ES/IRIS to write an article for the Leading Edge.  Theme would be how science concepts are used now as in the past.  J. DeLaughter will ghost write.  K. Ellins will help with writing as well for IRIS.  S. Hough will get a UNAVCO person. 

  9. J. Taber. to approach potential new members of IRIS/SSA distinguished lecture selection committee.

  10. J. Taber to look into if it will be possible to run a seismologists to teach teachers workshop this year.

  11. Committee to send comments on REV and GEE use to J. Taber.

  12. J. Taber to determine what the process would be to get AS1 data into the DMS.

  13. J. Taber & J. DeLaughter to pursue discussions with NSF and potential submission of GLOBE proposal.