Standing Committee Meeting Report Education and Public Outreach

October 2004

IRIS Education and Outreach Committee meeting

Action Items

October 7-8 , 2004
New Mexico Tech

  1. Distinguished Lecture Series: Ellins to contact U of Florida about hosting a speaker. All committee members charged with submitting two suggestions for two star presenters and two suitable venues. 

  2. Discovery Channel or Nova-type video production. Stein, Hubenthal and Kafka will begin to consider ideas on what should be developed and how to pursue this. Group will set aside half a day to work on this in a focused way at the next meeting (prior to meeting).

  3. Aster and Taber will contact Glen Kreoger, Laura Wetzel, Bob Butler and Aaron Velasco to request that they serve with an IRIS staff member as the organizing committee for an Educational Affiliates workshop to be held in conjunction with IRIS annual workshop.

  4. Hubenthal will develop a one pager for EXCOM by early November describing the idea behind the Education Affiliates program, proposed workshop, and the value of having the workshop be part of the IRIS annual workshop.

  5. Student Internship Program. Stein and Hubenthal will work on expressing requirements in a way that doesn’t dissuade students from applying, and develop strategies for advertising it broadly.

  6. Hubenthal will move forward on organizing the intern orientation at UC Santa Cruz.

  7. EarthScope E&O advisory committee. Ellins will compile list of nominees or volunteers from last call to the ErthScope community regarding participation in an EarthScope E&O task force/working group and share this to the nominating committee (Aster, Semken, Ellins, and Bill Holt).

  8. EarthScope Annual Workshop. Semken and Ellins to develop short presentation “EduSpeak for Dummies” for after dinner presentations on 3/30.

  9. Levy will spearhead the USArray newsletter that Bob Busby has requested.

  10. Committee members should send Wald the URLs of animations, movies, etc.  for inclusion in a USGS database for educators.

  11. Taber and Aster will write a letter of support for the UTIG/Huston-Tillotson diversity initiative.

  12. Taber and Aster will write a letter of support for the Africa Array Summer Research Program.

  13. IRIS will have One-Pager number #7 out by AGU. 

  14. Branding/Publications. Levy will visit JOI to obtain copies of the ODP Greatest Hits Volumes 1 and 2to see if these publications could serve as a model for a similar for IRIS publication to promote brand. 

  15. IRIS/USGS potential collaboration.  Both the USGS and IRIS have Earth observation systems in the ground and are working on five year plans.  Taber will communicate with Bob Ridky, the USGS Education Coordinator; to explore how both organizations five year plans can support each other’s E&O efforts.