Standing Committee Meeting Report Education and Public Outreach

March 2004

IRIS Education and Outreach Committee meeting

Action Items

March 25–26, 2004


  • Integrate USESN website into IRIS website
  • Registration of [url=][/url]
  • Contact PEPP PIs to retrieve old instruments
  • Loan Ken Smith a PEPP instrument for trial with his software
  • Test GEE
  • Further develop software comparison table; provide recommendations about seismic display and analysis software


  • Consider Santa Cruz and Arizona State for IRIS lecture.
  • Contact Walter Mooney about impressions of lectureship venues


  • Develop broadcast message and online form to encourage community to post information about a region where an earthquake of interest occurred.
  • Continue educational matrix development
  • Finish museum lite display
  • Put DBIS video on web site

Educational Affiliates

  • Develop workshop plan for recruiting educational affiliates including agendas and recruitment list.  Also, review current criteria.
  • Write synopsis of opinion regarding CSU education affiliate application.
  • Assist in implementation of first Research Experiences for Educational Affiliates (REEA) application, and develop long-term REEA plan for educational affiliates.

Summer internships

  • Develop cover letter to promote IRIS intern program and send to geosciences departments
  • Further develop student internship program proposal for NSF.  Re-work to include summer field camp.  Optimize budget.  Improve diversity component.
  • Create internship poster for IRIS workshop


  • Contact SACNAS regarding potential sponsorship of reception at the UT Austin Institute of Geophysics
  • Develop ties to SACNAS
  • Explore outreach strategy for reaching diverse audience; develop regional diversity/outreach effort using IRIS material; focus on Los Angeles and El Paso
  • Send letter to Ex-Comm to endorse AGU diversity statement


  • Update hazards poster to include volcanoes and work with Greg van der Vink
  • Provide resources for GSA CD
  • Create video subcommittee to develop video from existing clips for teaching


  • USARRAY siting/outreach subcommittee to be formed
  • Create mock up of 3 potential EarthScope posters for Ex-Comm
  • Send motion regarding EarthScope E&O development to Ex-Comm


  • Write up SIG session description for IRIS workshop
  • Put together a list of IRIS initiatives that can help PIs with NSF Criteria 2
  • High-School Summer Camp subcommittee to be formed