Standing Committee Meeting Report Education and Public Outreach

March 2002

Action Items from E&O Committee Meeting

March 4 – March 5, 2002


Attendees: T. Ahern, R. Aster, D. Barnes, T. Boyd, L. Braille, P. Crotrell, G. Ekstrom, M. Hamburger, S. Ingate, A. Kafka, J. Lahr, R. Mellors, T. Owens, D. Simpson, J. Taber, R. Welti

Educational Affiliates

Discussion: Reviewed draft of letter to potential Educational Affiliates, inviting them to join IRIS as an affiliate.
Action Item:
John Taber to finalize the letter, and send it out to the first few potential schools. Ask IRIS members to help find schools that would be good as the first "Charter Members"


Discussion: Reviewed draft versions of world seismicity and history of seismology posters.
Action Item:
University of Arizona team should make final changes to history of seismology poster, and the poster should be published. Defer action on the world seismicity poster, pending further discussion of content.

American Institute of Physics (AIP) - Discoveries and Breakthroughs Inside Science (DBIS)

Discussion: AIP has contacted IRIS offering to include seismology in their DBIS program. The program would describe new discoveries in seismology on local TV news. We provide ideas for content, they do the production. AIP is requesting $50K/year from IRIS for three years of this service.
Action Item:
They are asking $50K, but they might accept $10K. We should offer them about $10K-$15K, subject to a few questions about details.  Subcommittee for choosing initial topics: Tom Boyd, Mike Hamburger, and Rick Aster.

Seismology Lab Manual Proposal

Discussion: We received an initial query of a proposal from Robert Young of University of Oklahoma to produce a Lab Manual on the topic of near-surface reflection.
Action Item:
We will consider possibly funding this proposal, but first need a more complete draft of the proposal (by end of summer) and need reviews by IRIS community.

Internship Program

Discussion: There are eleven applications for the internship, and the students seem excellent. Need more PI's; maybe ask some of the PI's to take two students.
Action Item:
Update the information on Internships on the web site, Match interns and PIs, offer positions to selected interns.

U.S. Educational Seismological Network (USESN)

Discussion: Michael Hamburger presented a proposal for Indiana University to be an initial center for the national USESN effort. This is a one-year proposal, and the target number for funding would be about $50K.
Action Item:
Committee decided to fund the proposal. John Taber will write the work statement in collaboration with Michael Hamburger and Rick Aster, and will monitor the project.

IRIS/USGS Interaction

Discussion: With ANSS moving forward and EarthScope evolving, USGS and IRIS interact significantly, but these interactions are not acknowledged enough and we are not using these connections effectively. Need a list of what we do that is collaborative between IRIS and USGS.
Action Item:
E&O committee will make such a list and pass it on to IRIS.


Discussion: The E&O Committee has some concerns about the long-term source of AS1s from Jeff Batten of "The Amateur Seismologist." The relationship we have with him is acceptable for now, and worth fostering.
Action Item:
John Taber will contact Jeff Batten to discuss our relationship with him regarding upgrading the AS1, the price of AS1s, and distributing the AmaSeis software with the AS1.