Standing Committee Meeting Report Education and Public Outreach

November 2001

Action Items from E&O Committee MeetingNovember 15, 2001

Attendees: Rick Aster, Larry Braile, Michael Hamburger, Shane Ingate, Glenn Kroeger, John Lahr, Rob Mellors, Susan Schwartz, David Simpson, Susan Strain, John Taber

Program plan

Discussion: The draft of the program plan is nearly complete, needing only an executive summary, graphics, references, and minor text changes.
Action Item: Complete and print the program plan. Write an article about the E&O Program for EOS and/or SRL, Geotimes. Collect statistics on E&O activities, including # of posters, workshops and attendees, where interns have gone.


Discussion: Teaching modules using seismology and seismic data are needed for K-16 teachers.
Action Item: The Committee recommended that an RFP be distributed to IRIS members to address specific areas of need in seismology and related Earth science education. Subcommittee to be formed to assess proposals.


Discussion: The internship program was somewhat disorganized in 2001 due to the lack of a program manager. A number of specific improvements were suggested to attract the best students and provide the best match to PIs.
Action Item: Prepare flyer by AGU. Plan on 8 interns for summer 2002.


Discussion: The potential needs of new Affiliate members were considered, along with the potential time commitment for IRIS E&O.
Action Item: Prepare flyer and establish procedure for accepting affiliates (planning on 20 in first year).

VSN Explorer

Discussion: The need for coordination between USC and other E&O initiatives was highlighted.
Action Items: Visit USC early next year. Agree on concepts to be presented to students and clarify specification of capabilities wanted.

Teacher Workshops

Discussion: Workshop program needs to lower the barriers for scientists to take part. There is a need for an assessment of the program.
Action Item: Prepare list of state and regional science teacher meetings, send list to Teach the Teachers workshop attendees. Write summary of teacher workshops to date, including statistics of number of attendees and their assessments of the workshop. Send questionnaire to past attendees to assess long term impact.


Discussion: There is a need to provide more information about current programs. It is difficult to find new images for image of the week.
Action Item: Prepare FAQ. Encourage IRIS community to submit image of week.

Joint DMC/E&O position

Discussion: Nearly 40 applications were received. Potential tasks for the position were considered.
Action Item: Interviews to be held last week of November.


Discussion: Clarification of the status of the program and the need for more information for teachers.
Action Item: Add info and links to IRIS web page. Burn CD for each new AS1, including Amaseis software.


Discussion: Discussed status of potential exhibit at Denver museum.
Action Item: Add list of existing museums to web page. Look for future museums, maybe Seattle, Chicago, San Diego, LA, Boston.


Discussion: A distinguished lecture series on seismology topics of public interest could both raise the profile of IRIS and provide effective public outreach.
Action Item: Organize subcommittee to determine details of program and recommend speakers.

Posters, 1 Pagers

Discussion: Reviewed draft versions of world seismicity and history of seismology posters.
Action Item: Establish procedure for creation of future posters. Determine cost of producing Spanish version of main posters.


Discussion: It was agreed that the US Educational Seismology Network initiative would be best supported as a subcontract under IRIS E&O. Funding will be based on the acceptance of a proposal detailing specific tasks to support.
Action Item: Submit proposal to committee.