Standing Committee Meeting Report Electromagnetic Advisory Committee

December 2018

December 10, 2018 In-Person Meeting

Participants: David Alumbaugh (by phone), Kent Anderson, Bruce Beaudoin, Paul Bedrosian, Ninfa Bennington, Susan Bilek, Rob Evans, Andy Frassetto, Jared Peacock (by phone), Adam Schultz, Justin Sweet, Lindsay Worthington

Meeting Summary

The EMAC met in-person at the IRIS headquarters office during the AGU fall meeting in Washington, DC. Attendees included incoming and outgoing members of the EMAC and IRIS and IRIS facility personnel working to establish a facility at the PASSCAL Instrument Center for portable magnetotelluric instrumentation and data handling. The group briefly reviewed and discussed the successful EarthScope MT-TA field season, which completed surveying in the Northern Great Plains in November. It was also briefed on the status of a proposal submitted to NASA by IRIS to collect ~50 addition MT-TA stations in California during 2019. The group then discussed initial actions related to introducing MT to the PIC. This includes finalizing membership and charges for two technical working groups focused on hardware and software issues, as well as identifying resources and strategies for testing and evaluating new instrumentation. Early in 2019 the working groups will begin to meet regularly to begin discussions on these topics, which will be regularly updated to the EMAC.