Standing Committee Meeting Report COCOM

April 2007

IRIS CoCom Recommendations to BoD

Talaris Conference Center, Seattle, WA
25 April, 2007


Information: Uniform budget and budget justification formats and the 10 April, 2005 CoCom teleconference reduced the burden of detailed budget description during CoCom meeting.

Recommendation: CoCom recommends the budget as provided in the BoD meeting documents (on the BoD webpage) subject to slight modifications listed in the following table.

Modifications to FY07-08 Budget request







Cost Description













Wake solar power system (new)




Wake VSAT system (new)




Wake construction - USGS (new)




Wake civil works (new)












Q330 (new)




Guralp 3T (new)




Trillium 40 (new)




Geode logger (new)




Domestic (reduced from $75K to $15K)




Foreign (reduced from $85K to $15K)







Total Cost




* Purchase of the Trillium 40’s is subject to a documented need for rugged, relatively easy-to-deploy sensors - if the demand for such instruments is absent, 3T’s will be purchased in place of trillium 40’s.

Core Activitiy Descriptions
Information: CoCom reports that the Programs developed and presented details of their core activities. The next step is to develop a unified presentation of these activities in a format that helps closely relate the cost of activities with the annual budget.

Change to the CoCom Charge
Recommendation: CoCom recommends that the Board of Directors revise the second paragraph of the CoCom charge, which describes CoCom interactions with USArray. In particular, in the past, logistical issues have resulted in little CoCom input to USArray facility budget development. So, CoCom proposes the following change.


The Program Coordination Committee shall also be tasked with developing an integrated USArray facility budget for review and action by the Board of Directors and EarthScope Management Team (EMT), be responsible for integrating USArray activities among existing IRIS programs and for interacting with the EarthScope management structure. USArray integration within the EarthScope operations will be coordinated with the EMT.

Suggested Revision:

The Program Coordination Committee shall review the annual USArray plans and budget prepared by USArray Project staff and provide recommendations to IRIS program committees, the Board of Directors, and the USArray PI (IRIS President) that will improve coordination of USArray activities with other IRIS programs.

IRIS Data Request/Usage Summary Statistics
Action: CoCom directs the DMS to estimate and to provide IRIS data shipment statistics on shipped data volumes (gigabytes and seismograms if feasible) by network code for all networks managed by the DMC.  The information will augment tabulations of the number of shipments that are presently available on the IRIS web site.

NSF and Seismic Sensor Development
Action: The CoCom recommends that the Board support communication with NSF regarding an interagency seismic-sensor-development working group. The following communication to NSF has been suggested to the IRIS BoD. CoCom also recommends that R. Butler and J. Fowler coordinate the issue with NSF.

IRIS recognizes the need for seismic instrumentation development in two areas: 1) an STS-1 replacement (both for vault and borehole use) and 2) a rugged, intermediate period seismometer (for portable deployment). IRIS asks NSF to convene an interagency working group including DOD, DOE, USGS, and NOAA to review: 1) agency needs and requirements in common with these, 2) prospects for collaboration in joint sensor development, and 3) a coordinated approach to OMB for increasing seismic sensor development funds. IRIS also asks NSF to canvas and review with other Nations' science agencies their corresponding needs and interests in seismic instrumentation.

Change to Flexible Array communications equipment
Recommendation: CoCom endorses the proposed change to use remaining FA communications funds (~$157,000 slated for VSAT and radio modems) to purchase about 50 state-of-health communications systems (either ARGOS or Iridium). If approved by the Board, the system will be purchased in EarthScope Fiscal Year 04.

Calendar – Fall meeting schedule
Recommendation: CoCom requests that the Fall CoCom/BoD meeting be held Wed 31 Oct – Fri 2 Nov, mid-continent.  A fall back time would be the second week of November.