Standing Committee Meeting Report COCOM

October 2006

IRIS CoCom Recommendations to BoD

UCSD, San Diego, CA
October 17, 2006

Standing Committee Rotations

CoCom approves the Standing Committee rotations (attached) and requests BoD approval.

2005-2006 Carry Over

CoCom approves the budget carry-over use by program (attached), and requests BoD approval.

CoCom Review

In Fall 2004, the CoCom meeting schedule was modified to meet the day prior to the Spring and Fall BoD meetings.  CoCom was tasked to assess the impact on CoCom and BoD after 2 budget cycles.

CoCom approves the following changes to CoCom’s format and requests BoD approval:

  • Add a 1-day CoCom meeting before the Fall BoD meeting to provide CoCom more time to focus on coordination issues and new initiatives;
  • The annual budget requires more discussion/reflection than a one day meeting can provide.  The suggested approach is to hold (at least one) CoCom telecon be conducted 2 weeks prior to the Spring CoCom to develop a strawman budget that is refined the day prior to the Spring BoD;
  • CoCom approves the continuation of Standing Committee Action Items to be placed on the web, and asks the Standing Committees to provide follow-ups to those action items within 2 weeks of the Standing Committee meetings;
  • CoCom also reviewed paperless CoCom/BoD meetings, and recommend a hybrid model of providing some key material (~40-50 pages) in hard copy form, and background material to be distributed electronically.
  • The above changes are contingent upon the BoD and CoCom developing a 1 year integrated calendar of all core IRIS committees.

Annual Budget Cycle

CoCom has appointed a subcommittee consisting of T. Owens, B. Stump, S. Ingate and the IRIS Program Managers to develop a document on the IRIS annual budget cycle for presentation to the BoD in January for implementation in the next budget cycle.  Important topics to be clarified and detailed include:

  • Definitions;
  • Budget process responsibilities;
  • Timeline of the annual budget process;
  • Clarification of core/base core program services.


CoCom recommends that a concise summary of USArray information should be provided to the Board on a regular basis.  CoCom requests of the BoD clarification of the level of USArray information that should be available to the Board, and the frequency at which this information is provided.

CoCom requests clarification of the EarthScope management Team (EMT) on the following issues:

  • Clarification of web services to be provided by UNAVCO;
  • USArray often requires status and outreach materials on the other EarthScope components for us in e.g., Powerpoint presentations etc.  This is now provided by the EarthScope Office.  What is the process by which this material will be obtained in future?

USArray O&M Proposal

CoCom advises BoD that NSF will release the USArray O&M RFP in January.  Given a 90-day proposal submission schedule, CoCom advises BoD that CoCom and the Board will be asked to evaluate a draft of the proposal in that process.  The BoD “designated readers” should be named in January, at the latest, in order for them to fully participate in the process.

EarthScope National Meeting

CoCom advises BoD of the following deadlines for the 2007 EarthScope National Meeting:

  • Nov 1, launch the web page
  • Nov 6, open registration
  • Dec 15, deadline for self-suppported “Day 1” workshops
  • Jan 26, deadline for abstract submission and registration

E&O (unanswered question to BoD from 5/4/06)

If E&O is a small participant in a large cooperative proposal, the E&O SC requests BoD guidance on how much Board interaction and/or approval is necessary prior to proposal submission.

Instrumentation Committee

  • CoCom supports the IC’s request of testing a new broadband sensor, allowing the IC to define the term of reference for this testing.  Funding of the order $20K will need to be found.
  • CoCom supports S. Ingate in coordination with NSF to work with NRC funding to conduct a workshop on the future of mid-period instrumentation, with no financial impact to IRIS other than travel of IRIS staff.

Ocean Cable

The GSN SC requests resolution by the Board on the SC decision to terminate continued spending of GSN funds on the license cost for the Hawaii-2 cable system used by H2O station beyond the funds currently available to the H2O and cable grant (~$33K). The SC anticipates that the next license fee (Year 2007, pay in December of 2006) will be the last payment.

IRIS-SSA Coordination

CoCom approves a subcommittee of T. Owens, B. Busby and 1-2 USArray PIs to organize a USArray-themed session at the SSA 2007 Spring Meeting.

IRIS Committee and Working Group Nominations, 2006

Board of Directors

Rotating off: Greg Beroza, David Okaya, Brian Stump
Remain: Thorne Lay (Chair), Anne Trehu, Charles Ammon, Anne Sheehan, Karen Fischer, Tom Owens
Standing for Election: Suzanne van der Lee, Doug Dreger, Chuck Langston, Jim Gaherty, Ken Creager. John Louie
Non-Voting Observers:  David Simpson, Ray Willemann


Rotating off: Kathy Ellins, Seth Stein, Aaron Velasco
: Mike Wysession (Chair), Susan Eriksson, Kevin Furlong, Sue Hough, Catherine Snelson, Laura Wetzel
New: Ines Cifuente, Laura Serpa, David Herring


Rotating off: Suzan van der Lee, (Ann Trehu left last year)
Remain: Doug Wiens (Chair), Chaitan Baru,Emily Brodsky, Paul Earle, Megan Flanagan, John Hole, Keith Koper
New: Meredith Nettles, Doug Toomey
Non-Voting Observers:  Harold Bolton, Bruce Beaudoin, Peter Davis


Rotating off: Mike Ritzwoller, Xiaodong Song, Ed Garnero (service acknowledged)
Remain: Jeffrey Park (Chair), Robert Detrick, Miaki Ishii, Laura Kong, Fenglin Niu, Jeroen Tromp
New: (in order) David McCormack, Robert van der Hilst, Susan Bilek,  Jeroen Ritsema
Non-Voting Observers:  Jon Berger, Peter Davis, Bruce Varnum (replacing John Dwyer), David Green, Bob Hutt, Alena Leeds
Ex officio:  Bill Leith


Rotating off: Matt Fouch, Camelia Knapp, William Stephenson
Remain: Alan Levander (Chair), John Collins, Arthur Rodgers, Stephane Rondenay, Ray Russo, George Zandt
New: (in order) Matt Fouch (has agreed to re-appointment), Tom Pratt, Jim Gaherty (if not elected to BoD), Aibing Li.
Non-Voting Observers:  Marcos Alvarez, Rick Aster, Bruce Beaudoin, Steve Harder, Frank Vernon

Planning SC

Rotating off: Barbara Romanowicz, Art Lerner-Lam (Chair)
New: Unknown
Remaining: Göran Ekström, Randy Keller, Thorne Lay, Andrew Nyblade,
Non-Voting Observers:  David Simpson, Ray Willemann

Transportable Array Working Group (Presidential Committee)

Remaining: Gary Pavlis (Chair), Matt Fouch, John Collins, Egill Hauksson, Gilbert Hersch, Suzan van der Lee, Mike Ritzwoller, Aibing Li
Non-Voting Observers:  Tim Ahern, Bruce Beaudoin, Jim Fowler/Marcos Alvarez, Shane Ingate, Alan Levander, David Simpson, John Taber, Frank Vernon, Rob Woolley

EarthScope MT Working Group (Presidential Committee)

Remaining: Phil Wannamaker (Chair), Gary Egbert, Rob Evans, Dean Livelybrooks, Kevin Mickus, Steve Park,  Adam Schultz, Martyn Unsworth
Non-Voting Observers: Tim Ahern, Kent Anderson, Harley Benz, Bob Busby, Jim Fowler, Shane Ingate, Jeff Love (USGS)

EarthScope Executive Committee

Thorne Lay, Steve Hickmen, Will Prescott, David Simpson, Paul Silver, Mark Zoback

Backbone Working Group – GSN/ANSS

Jeffrey Park (Chair), Tim Ahern, Harley Benz (USGS), Ray Buland (USGS), Rhett Butler, Ken Greager, John Filson (USGS), James Gaherty, Charles Hutt (USGS), Shane Ingate, Barbara Romanowicz, Mitch Withers (CERI)

USARRAY Advisory Committee

Adam Dziewonski (Chair), Michael Bostock, Michael Gurins, Ranier Kind, James Knapp, Thorne Lay, Terry Plank, George Thompson, Douglas Walker, Rob van der Hilst


John Collins (Chair), Tim Ahern, Harley Benz, Rhett Butler, Jim Fowler, Charles Hutt, Selwyn Sacks, John Taber, Frank Vernon (Vice Chair)
Non-Voting Observers: Tim Ahern, Rhett Butler, Jim Fowler, John Taber, Shane Ingate

International Working Group

Art Lerner-Lam (Chair), Rick Aster, Susan Beck, Göran Ekström, Eric Sandvol, Ray Willemann


Proposed Uses of Carryover


Unfinished Tasks

Purchase 5 prototype Iridium telemetry systems for state-of-health info.  This work was approved previously.  ($20,000)

Continuation of consulting work with R. Boaz and G. Holcomb. ($29,650)

Development of control firmware for Iridium system.  ($50,000)

Workshop to determine needs of field data processing & QC for active & passive source experiments (approved by Bod 5/06). ($35,000)

10 additional broadband sensors and shipping cases.  This is the last of the DOE money.  ($152,750)

Other Proposed Uses

Purchase 23 broadband sensors to be used as spares that go to the field when instruments are in for repair or to help in getting experiments turned around quickly.  ($345,000)

          Purchase 23 shipping cases for sensors.  ($6,325)

Upgrade 150 Texans to the new configuration.  This will give us a pool of 300 of the new design and 200+ of the old design.  ($225,000)



  • MACI Site preparation: ($10,000) in site preparation funds is required to complete this installation in the Canary Islands.  (Unfinished task)
  • SLBS Site preparation:  ($30,000) in site preparation funds is required to complete this installation in Baja, Mexico.  (Unfinished task)


  • STS-2 procurement ($85,000):  STS-2’s (5) to replace STS-1’s at very noisy island GSN stations.  (Other Proposed Use)
  • Autonomous Station Equipment ($25,000):  Equipment to establish autonomous GSN station test bed at ASL (DAS, power system, misc parts). (Unfinished task)


  • Facilitate discussions regarding the integration of seismometers into next generation DART Buoy ($5,000). (Other Proposed Use)
  • Ancillary DAS equipment ($5,000): 2 additional Quanterra Packet Balers (PB14F) for deployment with next generation GSN systems. (Other Proposed Use)


Ocean Funds
  • Makaha Station License Fee (~$15,500):  Annual license fee for the H2O. (Unfinished task)
  • Remaining $17,836 in GSN Oceans related funds will be used to either decommission the Makaha site or continue license based on the results of the GSN SC action item on this topic. (Other Proposed Use)



All of these proposed uses are for new tasks.  Nothing is proposed for unfinished tasks.

Equipment-            Server upgrades 3 V880 ($57,000)
                        Primary DMC ($33,000)
                        Backend Network (Storage Net) ($10,000)

Consulting-            Software Consulting – Surface Wave Visualization - WS Middleware   ($20,000)
                        Web DC Installation ($25,000)

Software-            Software Development- SPADE XML Parsers ($25,000)
                        PASSCAL DBMS Support ($20,000)

Subawards            Surface Wave Visualization ($50,000)



All of the E&O carryover falls under unfinished tasks:

RESESS (subaward to UNAVCO) – ($15,000)

This $15,000/year subaward was budgeted to begin in FY06, which was the first year of the RESESS (Research Experience in Solid Earth Science for Students) program, but the program began more slowly than planned.  The program, led by UNAVCO, is designed to provide a strong mentoring environment for summer internships for underrepresented groups.  IRIS is providing support for the program to expand the diversity of undergraduate research opportunities.

RFP: Educational activities using seismic data– ($86,000)

This RFP was originally budgeted for and issued in FY06 as a request for US Educational Seismology proposals.  None of the submitted proposals were selected for funding and the Board of Directors recommended that the RFP be revised and reissued.  The E&O Standing Committee has approved the revised version and feel that this RFP is an important way to engage the seismology education community.  The proposed length of the award is 2 years.



Corporate proposes to begin development of the International Program.  To do so we propose salary, fringe and overhead for an International Coordinator for 4 months @ ($40,000).  The Coordinator will be responsible for developing and overseeing a workshop to develop training materials for international training courses.  Participant support is also available for other programs within the proposed budget.

($20,000) is proposed for travel ($10k each for domestic and foreign).

($20,000) for publications.

($66,680) for participant costs.