Standing Committee Meeting Report COCOM

November 2005

IRIS CoCom Recommendations to BoD

IRIS Data Management Center
Seattle, WA
November 3, 2005


2004-2005 Carry Over 

CoCom approves the budget carry-over use by program (attached), and requests BoD approval.

The use of the final available carryover remains to be decided.  CoCom requests that the BoD develop a process by which the core programs bid for this available carryover, with a final decision for its use and distribution made at the January 2006 BoD meeting.  In order to determine the best use of this excess carryover, CoCom will meet virtually, and if necessary, will convene the evening before the BoD January meeting.

USArray Issues

CoCom is concerned about the long-term impact of USArray operations and maintenance on IRIS core funding.  CoCom perceives that in the near future USArray O&M will be competing for funds from the same account that provides for IRIS core operations.  CoCom requests of the Board that a long-term strategy for pursuing USArray O&M be developed that includes consideration of its impact upon IRIS core operations.

CoCom was informed of the recent advances in EarthScope MT.  CoCom suggests that the package describing and requesting fenced funding for Backbone MT construction being developed for EFEC/NSF be accompanied by a bulletized cover letter.  The cover letter will be endorsed by CoCom, indicating that MT is a critical scientific data set for the EarthScope collaborative experiment.  In addition, the cover letter should indicate that Change Orders #12 & #13 deliberately split the requests for funds between USArray and NSF controlled management reserve in order to share the financial risk.

Miscellaneous Issues

CoCom suggests that the Publications Subcommittee work with the Standing Committees to develop and initiate thematic/special sessions at AGU that highlight the activities of IRIS and its members.  CoCom also recommends that the Director of Planning issue via IRIS bulkmail reminders to the membership of coming deadlines related to special sessions and abstract submissions.