Standing Committee Meeting Report COCOM

April 2002

Report to ExCom

April 11, 2002 CoCom Meeting
IRIS HQ, Washington, DC


Attendees: Tim Ahern (IRIS), Rick Aster (E&O, NMT), Rhett Butler (IRIS), Jim Fowler (IRIS), Shane Ingate (IRIS), Roy Johnson (PASSCAL, UA Tucson), Monica Kohler (DMS, UCLA), Tom Owens (ExCom, USC), Gary Pavlis (ExCom, Indiana U), Candy Shin (IRIS), David Simpson (IRIS), John Taber (IRIS), Greg van der Vink (IRIS), Cecily Wolf (GSN, U Hawaii).

FY 02–03 Budget and Program Plans


  • Recommendation – to ExCom
    CoCom requests that:
    • ExCom encourage E&O to develop a plan to obtain funding from external sources.
    • ExCom approve the E&O/SSA nominated lecturers.
    • ExCom approve the proposed plan for initiation of USESN

  • Recommendations – to E&O Program
    CoCom requests the E&O Program to:
    • Develop policies on the distribution and costs of E&O materials.
    • Provide ExCom with a list of approved Seed-Funding proposals


  • Action Item: The GSN should summarize and clarify via a statement to ExCom the process by which IDA was provided with interim-funding in 2001, and closeout of the DMS funding of the IDA DCC

  • Action Item: CoCom asks the DMS and GSN Program Managers and Chairs to clearly define, in a joint statement to CoCom, data flow and archiving issues for NSN/University-GSN sites and provide a timetable for resolving current problems.


  • Recommendation – to ExCom
    CoCom requests that:
    • ExCom consider whether actions outside IRIS are necessary to improve the delivery of NSN and GTSN data to the DMC archive.

  • Recommendations – to DMS Program
    CoCom requests the DMS Program to:
    • Work with the GSN program and USGS to improve delivery of QC’d data from NSN and GTSN stations to the DMC archive.
    • Work with other Program Managers and the Director of Operations to establish better procedures for maintaining the IRIS webpages.


  • Action Item: CoCom requests that the PASSCAL Program review the experience with the RAMP program and prepare an updated plan for aftershock response, in coordination with regional networks, the USGS and SCEC.


  • Recommendation – to ExCom
    CoCom requests that:
    • ExCom consider approval of the Corporate and Program budgets as presented, directing the President to make final adjustments necessary to reach the target goal of $12,900K provided by NSF.
    • ExCom consider whether IRIS should request an increase in the management fee from NSF (currently $50K) and whether a management fee should be negotiated in budgets involving other federal funds (in particular the DOE PASSCAL funds).

Program Coordination

IRIS Workshop

  • Action Item: All Program Managers and Chairs are asked to act as “hosts” at the Workshop.

  • Action Item: All are encouraged to pass all informal meeting information to Strain and van der Vink so that meeting conflicts can be kept to a minimum.

USGS Interactions

  • Recommendation – to ExCom
    CoCom requests that:
    • ExCom review IRIS-wide interactions with the USGS and consider areas where the very positive existing collaborations can be improved or extended. ExCom should also provide advice on how IRIS should work with NSF and USGS to implement any proposed activities or changes.

International Collaboration

  • Action Item: Ahern should follow up with ORFEUS to see if any specific response is required from IRIS. Ahern will also contact NSF to follow up on opportunities for international funding support.

  • Action Item: The FDSN meeting at the time of the IRIS Workshop provides another opportunity for exploring modes of international cooperation. AN FDSN representative should be asked to make a presentation during the new initiatives session at the Workshop.

AllCom Meeting in October

  • Action Item: CoCom suggests the formation of a small group to develop the program for the fall AllCom meeting. Suggested topics for AllCom include:
    • IT
    • Sensors
    • International collaborations
    • Interactions with other geoscience communities, e.g., hydrology, oceans, etc.

IRIS Web Pages

  • Action Item: Program Managers, IRIS Web Mistress and IRIS Director of Operations are to meet within the next two months to devise a high-level plan that describes the process of creating, coordination, and maintaining [url=][/url]. DirOps is asked to write a charge for this Committee. CoCom feels that one person in IRIS HQ should take overall responsibility for coordination of the findings of this group, and that the Web Mistress be given overall authority for oversight of implementation.

EarthScope and USArray


CoCom recommends that the facilities proposal includes the concept of a EarthScope Facilities Coordination Office, which oversees interactions between EarthScope components and helps coordinates outreach activities and IT during the building of the EarthScope facilities.

  • Action Item: Interactions with Mexico need to be established for USArray. DirOps is asked to contact Helmberger, Keller and Vernon to discuss ways of developing connections with the appropriate groups.

  • Recommendation – to ExCom
    CoCom requests that:
    • ExCom provide guidance to CoCom and IRIS staff concerning development of the EarthScope proposal and implementation structure for USArray.
    • ExCom consider ways to encourage closer interaction between IRIS and the newly formed UNAVCO Inc, both in terms of USArray/PBO implementation and in more general areas of programmatic and corporate interactions.