Thank you to all our Donors

Your donation will help increase community outreach and leverage development of new resources that expand the IRIS Consortium's reach, supporting the next generation of early career scientists, expanding international engagement, enhancing the visibility of research in seismology, and developing interactions with industry.

Total donations received to date: $41,180.81 towards a match of Winston Chan's $100,000 contribution.
  $10,000 and above
  Winston Chan
  In Memory of Jim Fowler -Paul and Kay Passmore
  $5,000 - $9,999
  Anne Meltzer
  the Simpson family
  Hasting Micro-Seismic Consulting Inc.
  $1,000 - $4,999
  Kate C Miller
  Brian and Ann Stump
  Francis & Miriam Wu
  Robert Reitherman
  Freeman Gilbert
  David James
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  Robert Detrick
  Guust Nolet
  Ray Russo
  Doug & Debra Wiens
  Ellen Kappel
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  Emily Brodsky
  Susan Bilek
  John Hole
  Miaki Ishii
  Randy Keller
  Ramon Arrowsmith
  Geoff Abers
  Gabi Laske
  Jeff McGuire
  Michael Wysession/Margaret Farnon
  Charles J. Ammon
  Herman Zimmerman
  John Filson
  Heather DeShon
  M. Beatrice Magnani
  Arthur & Annette McGarr
  Walter & Milly Alvarez
  Bob Engdahl
  Muawia Barazangi
  Vadim Levin
  Jim Gaherty
  Donna Shillington
  Eystein S.Husebye
  Frederik J Simons
  George Thompson
  Fan-Chi Lin
  Michael Hamburger
  Randy Keller
  Leonardo Seeber
  Lorraine Wolf
  John Louie
  David Applegate
  Cecily Wolfe
  Marcia McNutt
  John and Kathy Taber
  Up to $100
  Leslie Linn
  Ruth Sobel
  Frassogarty Farms
  Kim Dompierre
  Laura Wetzel
  Nathalie Silver
  Philip Maechling
  Chen Chen
  Josh Stachnik
  Patrick Bastien