2012 IRIS Workshop

Data products at the IRIS DMC

M. Bahavar:IRIS DMC, A. Hutko:IRIS DMC, R. Karstens:IRIS DMC, C. Trabant:IRIS DMC

Figure 1. Global displacement wavefield for the April 11, 2012 Sumatra earthquake doublets recorded by the Global Seismic Network. The short arc Rayleigh wave (R1), major arc Rayleigh wave (R2) and their multiple orbits are clearly visible across the entire GSN for both events. Peak vertical displacement exceeded 1 cm at all stations across the globe. Data are from the IRIS DMC and additional plots of data for this event are available at www.iris.edu/spud/eventplot.

Full-resolution graphics file in original format: 0114.ai

The IRIS DMC hosts a collection of data products and is rapidly developing new products both internally and through collaboration with outside researchers. These data products complement the raw data traditionally managed by the DMC serving as data summaries, new foundations for research and tools for processing and analysis. Below are lists of some existing, new and future products. More information about data products hosted at the DMC is available at www.iris.edu/dms/products. Some existing products:
 • Earth Model Collaboration: Repository for tomography models including web-based GMT plotting tools
 • Shear Wave Splitting database: mirror of Geo. Montpellier SWS database
 • Backprojection: Backprojection source imaging using short period P-waves
 • Event Plots: Suite of ~80 figures of data including maps, record sections, data stacks
 • Ground Motion Visualizations: animations of the seismic wavefield rolling across USArray Products to be released soon:
 • SeisSound: Sonification and visualization of seismograms (D. Kilb, UCSD)
 • Ambient Noise Cross-Correlation: Empirical Green’s Functions for Western US (M. Ritzwoller, UC Boulder) Products in development:
 • Super Stacks: Illuminating the seismic wavefield using ~1 million seismograms & array processing
 • GlobalShakeMovie synthetics: 1D & SPECFEM 3D synthetic seismograms (J. Tromp, Princeton)
 • Synthetic seismogram service: On demand 2.5D axi-symmetric synthetic seismograms (T. Nissen-Meyer, ETHZ)
 • Source-time functions: Short-arc Rayleigh wave

Acknoweldgements: This work was supported by the National Science Foundation under Cooperative Agreements EAR-0552316 (IRIS) and EAR-0733069 (EarthScope).

For further reading: Trabant, C., Hutko, A. R., Bahavar, M., Karstens, R., Ahern, T. and Aster, R. (2012) "Data products at the IRIS DMC: stepping-stones for research and other application", Seismological Research Letters. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Keywords: data, product, dmc, event

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