2012 IRIS Workshop

IRIS: InClass - Infrastructure to Support the Dissemination and Implementation Seismology Education Resources at the Undergraduate Level

Bob Butler: University of Portland, Tammy Bravo: IRIS, Michael Hubenthal: IRIS, Jenda Johnson: Volcano Video Productions, Aubrey Patsika: IRIS

IRIS: InClass. This webportal, with initial offerings to be rolled out to be rolled out Fall 2012, will greatly improve K-12 and college-level educators’ access to seismology educational resources (labs, sequences of lectures and labs, as well as entire courses) and associated pedagogical guides (background content and tips and tricks for success). Initial undergraduate offerings feature Seismological Grand Challenges and resources from the IRIS Undergraduate Internship orientation.

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Many geoscience organizations, including IRIS’s Education and Public Outreach Program, have traditionally focused the majority of their attention on developing educational resources for K-12 classrooms. This approach has been based on the assumptions that; a) few K-12 teachers have an adequate knowledge of seismological content to confidently and effectively develop and deliver constructivist instruction, and b) the IRIS Community is comprised of content experts and are already developing and delivering adequate resources to support their undergraduate teaching. Unfortunately, most undergraduate students don’t learn seismology content in a course taught by a seismologist. Thus, the need for developing and disseminating high-quality instructional resources, linked with professional development at the undergraduate level (e.g. guidance from our community regarding “what to teach and how to teach it”) has previously been underestimated. IRIS: InClass offers a unique approach to providing educational resources by seamlessly associating supporting video tutorials, data sets, and other materials with individual homework/lab descriptions. Additionally, IRIS: InClass supports the option of linking activities in an instructional sequence that scaffolds students’ conceptual understanding through a series of lessons or labs where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Following the initial rollout, IRIS EPO seeks collaboration with the IRIS Community to expand the undergraduate offerings in IRIS: InClass. Faculty will be encouraged to submit resources for review and incorporation into IRIS: InClass. Supporting this effort, IRIS EPO will provide staff to work with individual faculty to formalize the resources for incorporation.

Keywords: education, web, curriculum, seismology, grand_challenges

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