2012 IRIS Workshop

Seismic Imaging of the Upper Mantle Discontinuities Across the Western United States: CCP and ARF-RTM Approach

Chunquan Yu: EAPS-MIT, Xuefeng Shang: EAPS-MIT; Robert van der Hilst: EAPS-MIT, Martijn de Hoop: CCAM-Purdue

West-east upper mantle structures across the western United States. Receiver functions are filtered using a 0.02-0.2 Hz Butterworth filter and stacked along the latitude.

Full-resolution graphics file in original format: 0093.png

Acknoweldgements: We thank the Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences at MIT for providing the Student Research Fund for the trip to the 2012 IRIS workshop.

Keywords: array_receiver_function, upper_mantle_discontinuities, western_us

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